Best Gifts for 11-Year-Old Girls

11 years-old-girl

11 years — the peak of the younger adolescence, when girls grow up before their eyes. To the usual children’s hobbies already added to the interest in fashion, cosmetics, clothes, ornaments. Many try themselves in the role of independent owners, showing remarkable culinary abilities, especially in baking. The time of the dolls is irretrievably gone, and the young lady wants to get something that will emphasize her independence and adulthood. Yes, and sometimes they are secret on very adult topics.

Puzzled by the question what to give a girl for 11 years, you need to remember not only about the nuances of this age period, but also about hobbies, aspirations, the character of the birthday girl. And still try to find out in advance what the birthday girl dreams about. Most likely, it is the desire of the child to prompt a successful version of the gift.

Just by the age of 11, all the girls begin to experiment with appearance, trying on their mother’s decorations and secretly tinting their lips. So, it’s time to properly mold the foundations of the feminine image. From these good intentions can be presented:

Ornaments. It is better, if for now it will be quality jewelry. Exception — earrings, this decoration is preferable to precious metal, even from a medical point of view. Child’s watch In the design of girls love romantic notes: brooches, pendants, rings can be with roses, butterflies, bees and other cute little things.
Wrist watch. Choose hours of interesting shapes and fashionable designs. Romantic style with hearts and other figures is appropriate, but teenage children already have their own fashion, for example, the popular watch Angry birds.
Children’s cosmetics and perfumery. This gift is incredibly encouraging maturing ladies. Cosmetics and perfumes for 11-year-old girls should consist of natural ingredients in order not to harm the delicate skin.
A set of care products. If a girl already has problem teenage zones on her face, it’s time to teach her how to take care of herself and choose the right creams and lotions correctly.

Taking into account the interests

A set for creativity (weaving bracelets, embroidering, soap making, etc.). For handymen and skilled workers such a package is always the way, and on the day of birth especially.
Pet. Girls love their pets, care for them with care. You can also choose together in the pet store house, toys and other accessories for the newly-made pet.
Sports equipment: snowboard, bicycle, rollers and stuff, something the child is passionate about. Active and mobile girls will like this «new thing».
Photo printer. If a girl with a passion and good at photographing, then the process of self-printing pictures will be equally fascinating for her.
MP-3 player with a collection of your favorite music. A modern, fashionable and desirable gift for a young music lover.

Practical gifts

Presenters of this category will openly delight not only the birthday girl, but her parents. That’s just shoes and clothes should be given with care, and it’s not that you can lose with the size. These things are associated with everyday life, and not with a welcome surprise and festive mood. And the rest can not be doubted:

Mobile phone. The choice is better to stop on the smartphone with a user-friendly interface, adapted for frequent use of applications and the Internet.
A set of bed linens with favorite characters of the animated series (Winx or My little pony). Fall asleep in the company of little wizards or forest animals, each girl will feel like a fairy fairy.
A new computer desk or chair. An ergonomic table or an orthopedic computer chair contributes to the correct formation of the child’s bearing at this age. Parents will certainly appreciate the gift from this point of view, well, and the birthday girl will be pleased with the reshuffle in her room.
A set of hats and a scarf. This gift should be given, knowing for sure what style and color will suit the capricious fashionista.
Umbrella. A beautiful accessory with an unusual design of the dome or original design is a good functional gift for the girl.
A bag. Beautiful «on the way out» or stylish for school supplies, a fashionable bag will bring both delight and favor.
Casket for decorations. Beautiful, in gentle pastel colors, the casket will become a real chest for girlish secrets.
A certificate for buying clothes in your favorite store. Already shopping? And why not, the choice of dress or shoe and the opportunity to pay for the purchase will give a real maiden joy to the birthday girl.

We transform the children’s room

At teenagers, and girls — not an exception, the perception of personal space also varies. Sometimes, by one permutation and a change of furniture, the proper effect is not achieved, but one wants to make one’s own adult room. So, you need to help in this and give original and functional interior decorations:

Aromalamp with a set of various oils. A subtle and unobtrusive odor has a healing effect: anti-stress and even the prevention of infections.
Lamp-projector of the starry sky. Gives the opportunity to admire before a dream a starry sky and quietly dream about something good.
Original photo frames. There are many options: in the form of a panel, a frame-tree, etc. She will be happy to place pictures of her beloved parents, friends and pets there.
Soft cushion in the shape of a large cat. Dolls and plush toys are no longer popular with our grown-up birthday girl. But seals are loved by girls of all ages, and in this version especially.
Desktop fountain with water. A beautiful and useful decor: a working fountain is a wonderful means of relaxation and a great way to humidify the air in the room.

Original gifts

Visit the dolphinarium / aquarium or contact zoo. This tour is beyond doubt will be interesting to the birthday girl, but you need to think over the right company, to take with you a couple of friends-girlfriends.
Professional photo shoot. Girls at 11 years old often dream of a modeling career. This gift will allow you to try on this role. And at the same time become the owner of this portfolio and high-quality pictures from a professional photographer.
Culinary master class. To do this, you need to find in advance a children’s cafe or a family restaurant with this service. In the process can participate as members of the family, and girlfriends girlfriend.

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