Gifts for 1-year-old girl

Gifts for 1-Year-Old Girls

The greatest happiness for the family is the appearance of the baby in the house, or the house of your relatives and friends. In the first year of a child’s life, every month becomes an important date in the life of the whole family. A performance of 1 year is the first serious holiday for the baby. Everyone is looking forward to this moment, and then he promptly comes, that you do not have time to come to your senses. I want to please my relatives and friends, in spite of the fact that the most important thing for a child at this age — that my mother was there, the youngsters, no doubt, will be happy with all kinds of gifts. But that’s what this will be for the gift, will depend first of all on the sex of the child. In this article, we’ll figure out what a gift a girl should have for 1 year.

Due to the fact that basically at this age everything for the girl is done by the mother, you can give something that will facilitate the heavy, but at the same time pleasant fate of the mother.

Dishes. The girl with the right development is about to start learning to eat on her own. Give her a spoon, a plate, a glass, from which the baby will be able to learn how to serve. Better, of course, that it was a so-called non-spillage glass and a non-spill plate, so that there would be less embarrassment. Choose dishes from clean, harmless materials.
Certificate in the «Children’s World». Or in any other children’s store that is in your city. If you really do not know what exactly to present the baby and her family, then we advise you to purchase a certificate in one of the children’s shops, because parents will take care of themselves and buy what they really need.
Tickets to the zoo. A little princess will be delighted with such a holiday, because who does not like animals? Of course, they attract everyone, and even more so a child who will surely see many of them for the first time. She will have the most vivid impressions of the family trip.
Car seat for transportation. To have a car is always convenient, and even more so if you have a kid in your family. No, we do not advise giving a car, but such a useful and really necessary thing, as an automobile chair for transportation, is quite. If your finances allow, why not help your parents protect their children’s life.

Girls’ gifts

A gift to a girl for 1 year will still differ from a gift for a boy for a year, if it is any piece of clothing, shoes, maybe even a toy. At least the color scheme: girls — pink, boys — blue.

Item of clothing / shoes. We live in a civilized world, something, and the choice of clothes and shoes in it is huge. In the stores a huge selection of the most simple, casual outfits for toddlers, until the most festive, for special occasions. Find out the size of the baby and get her a cute little suit, shoes, panties, dresses, windbreakers, in a word everything that only a decent one will find on store shelves.
Dress. It is no accident that the dress is a separate item from clothing. This is not a simple dress. At such an event, parents can buy their baby a wonderful dress of a princess, with ruffles, flounces, flowers, rhinestones and so on. The truth for a long time it does not resemble it, as children of early age grow rapidly. But if finance allows, it will not become a special problem for you.
Toys. Do not give girls a year of chic dolls, soft toys. Children at this age adore everything in the mouth, gnaw and even break. But this is not because they want to spoil everything, it’s just their special children’s way to know the world around them, to find out what’s inside. In addition, at a time when the teeth are still cutting, gnawing or sucking an object helps them ease the existing discomfort. It is better to give a set of rubber or plastic toys. Just choose toys from high-quality, environmentally friendly material, and make sure that nothing can fall off from it and stay suddenly in the child’s mouth.

Other Useful Things

What to give a girl a year to stay for a long time and was useful? There are several ideas. These are things that will become a good gift to a little girl, and at the same time to her parents, and also help to diversify the leisure of the baby. Consider a couple of examples:

Bag chair. The girl at this age certainly already has her own bed. But what should she do in the daytime? During wakefulness, it also needs its place. A suitable gift will be a bright chair-bag. In it, the baby can lie around during the day or lie down to rest, in case of fatigue.
Photo album. Another wonderful gift for a girl for a year is a pretty photo album. If parents have not had time to get a photo album, use this idea. However, at first the baby will not be able to fill it himself, but then when she gets older, she and mom and dad will have something to remember. After all, we always forget our infant years, the photo album will help to refresh these moments in memory.

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