Gifts for 10-year-old girl


Birthday is a wonderful holiday! As a child, we like insanely to receive gifts, but when we grow up, giving presents becomes much more pleasant, especially if we give them to children. But the best thing is not just handing birthday presents to birthday people, but arranging real holidays for them with surprises and carefree fun. Choosing a gift, it is worth taking into account not only the age and sex of the child, it is equally important to take into account his hobbies and hobbies. What to give a girl for 10 years, given her interests, you will learn from this article.

When choosing a gift for a 10-year-old girl, do not forget that it is at this age in the little ladies that the first female instincts and feminine calling are born, the girls behave like real women of fashion and try to imitate their mother in everything. Also at this age, girls are actively developing logical thinking, the desire for originality and love for creativity, so it makes sense to give them and developing games and sets for creativity.

At the same age, they begin to develop, learn to think logically, so it makes sense to present them as a presentation and developing games.

Traditional gifts

Traditional gifts are those things that most girls order themselves for their birthday. Choosing one of the presenters of this category, you will undoubtedly please the birthday girl and raise her spirits.

Doll. The doll is the most traditional gift for a little girl. However, in this category of presents, there is a fairly wide choice. In addition to favorite dolls dolls and dolls Barbie, in great demand are the dolls Bratz, Monster High, as well as porcelain princesses.
Board game. A board game is a great gift for a girl for 10 years. Invite the birthday girl to play with her and she will just be delighted. At this age, girls need to give more complex, intellectual games on a financial topic, such as «Monopoly.»
Book. As you know, the book is the best gift. It can be a complete collection of books about Harry Potter or another fascinating story that pleases a birthday girl. Also a small princess can be presented with an encyclopedia for girls.
Wrist Watch. In 10 years, girls feel not only fashionable, but also very important persons. Therefore, wrist watches will necessarily come to the culprit of the celebration to their liking. Choose an accessory of gentle light tones or bright cheerful colors.
Diary with a lock. Young princesses simply adore all sorts of secrets, give the birthday girl a special diary, she will be very grateful to you.

Earrings. A small fashionista you can give earrings. It is not at all necessary that the decoration be made of gold or other precious metal.
Purse. Children are very fond of having their own financial means, the girls quite often save money for another toy or the thing they need, so the wallet will be a great gift for a birthday.
Globe. An inquisitive child, you can present a globe as a presentation. A romantic person will like the globe with a map of the starry sky.

Gifts from category «VIP»

Gifts from this category is not just happy, but will bring the birthday girl into real enthusiasm, because of such presentations they could only dream of! VIP presents for 10-year-old girls are not furs and diamonds, they will cost you much cheaper, but it is important to know exactly what the culprit of the celebration dreams and not to be mistaken with the gift. A gift for the girl for 10 years

Dollhouse. To have a doll house is perhaps one of the most cherished desires of little girls. In addition to the house itself, you can give as gifts, furniture, utensils or clothes for dolls.
A bike. An active child is sure to be delighted with a bicycle or other sports equipment. This can be skates, rollers, ball or tennis rackets.
The tablet. In our time, children do not lag behind the tendencies of the modern world, by 10 years, they tend to skillfully use cell phones, computers and other gadgets. If the child thinks that the best gift for him is a tablet or other mobile device, then so it is.

A pet. What kind of child does not dream about a pet? If you have the opportunity, give the girl for 10 years a puppy or a kitten. Alternatively, you can consider a hamster or a talking parrot.
Home planetarium. Thanks to such a device, everyone now has an amazing opportunity to see the beauty of the starry sky without leaving the room. 10-year-old girl will be incredibly pleased to receive such a present.

Original gifts

By the age of 10, most children already have standard toys, in which case another problem comes to the fore: «I myself do not know what I want.» But a child can always cheer up by giving him something original and unusual.

The kidnapper of sweets. Remember the machines with plush toys, which stood in almost every store? Not only every child, but every adult tried to catch a prize in this game. You can give a birthday girl a similar machine with sweets.
Disco ball. Disco-shire will be an excellent occasion to arrange a party for the girlfriends.
Tent house. A real princess will be pleased to receive a house-tent made in the form of a castle as a gift.
Microscope. A microscope is suitable for a girl who likes to study everything that surrounds her.
Interactive toy. Interactive toy will be an excellent gift for the culprit of the celebration.
A dance mat. A mobile child will be very happy to receive a dance mat for the most important holiday.

Synthesizer. The girl will be happy with the synthesizer or another musical instrument.
Apparatus for the preparation of sweet cotton wool. Delicious sweet cotton wool at any time of the day and night is the dream of any child. With small home appliances for making sweets, a dream will quickly become a reality.
Pottery clay. An interesting version of the presentation is pottery clay. The child will be pleased if you try to make something out of the material with him.
Set for tricks. Give the girl on her tenth birthday a set for all sorts of tricks.

Impressions as a gift

Gifts are always great and wonderful, but a truly fun and interesting holiday will help to make new sensations and vibrant emotions. Present the child with impressions as a present and then the question what to give to the birthday girl will disappear by itself.

Swimming with dolphins. Any child will be incredibly enthusiastic about the show in the dolphinarium and from swimming with kind sea creatures.
Horseback riding. She will remember for a long time a wonderful walk on horseback on a narrow path of the forest or a wide field.
Soap bubbles show. You can entertain a girl by inviting a soap bubble show on her holiday.
Day at the amusement park. An excellent idea of ​​a gift can be a whole day in an amusement park.
Flight in the wind tunnel. The sea of ​​unforgettable impressions for many years will give the birthday girl a flight in the wind tunnel.

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