Gifts for 18-year-old girl

18-19 years

18 years — the line between childhood and adolescence. Especially it is felt by girls. When they come of age they become adults literally overnight, because they already feel some kind of independence and responsibility. A gift for a girl of 18 should be useful on one hand to emphasize the adulthood of the birthday girl, and on the other hand it is pleasant that she knows that childhood is wandering around somewhere and has not completely gone anywhere yet.

Between 18 and 19 years there is almost no difference. One year for a man at this age does not solve anything. Especially for girls: they are equally beautiful and young at 18, and at 19. Therefore, choosing a gift for a girl for 19 years, you can follow the same ideas that were not embodied when congratulating a girl with eighteen.

From the guy

Many modern girls by 18-19 years have quite a serious relationship. Either next to the girl there is a guy who cares for her, cares, makes gifts even outside the holidays. And, of course, on his birthday, he wants to give his beloved something special that will set him apart from her other friends and peers.

A huge teddy bear. No matter how serious and modest the girl in 18-19 years old is, she is still a child in her heart, so she will definitely be delighted with such a gift. The teddy bear can be brown or white. Pink is a bad taste. The size of the toy is determined by your financial position, because the more the bear, the more expensive it is;
Spirits. This gift will give the girl to understand that you treat her like a real woman. The main thing is to choose the right flavor. It is better not to experiment, but buy the same perfume that she uses daily. The bottle should not be large, because the flavors often become boring. It is better to attach a bouquet of flowers to it;
Decoration. Jewelry should be given to a girl for 18-19 years only in the event that you have a serious relationship with her. Otherwise, such a gift involuntarily obliges the girl to them, to which she may not be ready. That costume jewelry is quite suitable, but rarely when the guy manages to pick up what the young capricious person likes. If you are sure that you have found the bracelet or earrings that she dreamed of, then go for it!
Player, tablet, e-book. Such a serious gift without words will tell about the seriousness of the guy’s intentions towards the girl, his attentiveness, sensitivity. She will see that he came up with responsibility to choose a gift, took into account that she, for example, just broke the player. And in general this is a rather unusual approach, because most girls expect flowers, sweets, toys and perfumes from their guys;
Cozy pajamas, terry robe or warm plaid. Such a thing will brighten up your girl’s evenings when you are not around. Girls like to touch everything soft and fluffy, so she will be happy to fall asleep in the pajamas you presented, wrap yourself in a bathrobe after a shower and rehearse your joint photos in the evenings, covered with a blanket.

The guy should not give the girl something that will hint at negative moments. Acne lotion, dandruff shampoo or book «How to lose weight in 11 days» — all these are unsuccessful gifts.

From parents

What do all parents dream about? About that their children always were healthy. Therefore, as gifts in childhood, we often get from them boots, season tickets to sports sections or trips to the south. But at the age of majority who, if not parents, should support the child in his endeavors? Therefore, when the daughter turns 18 or 19 years old, you can help her with her gift to realize her dream.

Camera. It’s not a fact that a daughter will become a famous photographer or even associate her life and profession with a photograph. But after all, she has college students ahead of her, and there are so many interesting moments she must capture!
Gold. There is a certain belief that daughters of 18 years must be given gold jewelry. But even without taking into account the tradition, this is a quite good version of the gift. The girl becomes a girl, she has the right to wear adult jewelry, including gold. Her collection of jewelry can begin with the gift that her beloved parents will make her;
Travel to Europe. The daughter has grown, she wants to know the world, and the best thing to do is to travel it directly. If you are sure that she will not fly to France or Germany alone, then this can be a family tour or a trip for two. Perhaps she would like to take her friend or boyfriend with her;
A laptop. In addition to being useful to his daughter while studying, she will also be able to use it to access the Internet, communicate with friends and just for fun. If you want to really surprise your daughter, then give her for 18 years not just a simple laptop, but special: the latest development, a specialized female computer, a mini version (netbook), etc.

Parents should not impose their opinion on their daughter with their gift, if it contradicts her. For example, it is undesirable to give a daughter a piano, if you have tortured her childhood all her musical school, and now you want to make a great pianist. This is a gesture of pressure on the child, which can cause a flurry of indignation and lead to conflict.

From the best girlfriend

If a girl by the age of 18 got a best friend is a great luck. She has a lot of friends and acquaintances, and her best friend is alone. And she knows all the secrets and secrets of the birthday girl, she is aware of all her heartfelt affairs and it is she who knows best what to give to her girlfriend. If there are no ideas at all, you can use the following options:

Cosmetics. The best friend definitely knows the brand, favorite colors and the kind of makeup that the girl needs. It is possible that she used the last tube of lipstick. But besides mascara, shadows and lipstick, you can also give something from creams, shampoos and balms to the body. Well, you know better the tastes of your girlfriend, so we are not advisers in this case;
Skydiving or flying on a hang glider. Not everyone will appreciate such a gift, but you are the best friend and know for sure whether she likes adrenaline or not. Probably, she wanted to do something like that for a long time, but something stopped her (lack of time or extra money for such madness). But when you hand it a certificate, there will be nowhere to retreat;
A certificate for fitness, a solarium, a spa, etc. Beauty sessions for a young person will not be superfluous. In addition, that you make a girlfriend such a useful gift, you can buy a subscription and for yourself, to make up her company;
Plaice, hair iron, hair dryer and other household appliances to bring beauty. A young girl is sure to come in handy, but who knows how she wants to have playful ringlets or, conversely, she wants to walk with straightened hair.

If your girlfriend really wants a dog or cat, but lives with parents who are against pets, you do not need to give them in the hope that this will «ride». Even if the animal is taken into the house, it will bring some discomfort to the parents and, consequently, the birthday girl, and the gift should bring positive emotions.

From friends

An 18-year-old girl among friends can have not only girls. At this age, they usually finish school and go to college, so new acquaintances can not be avoided, and classmates are such heart-felt people! What can friends give to their girlfriend for 18 or 19 years?

The game «Twister». Funny, sociable outdoor game, created for general fun and entertainment. In the arsenal of a young girl, she must be, because there are many friendly gatherings and gatherings ahead. You can print the gift right at the birthday party and immediately update it;
Collage from all friends. Practicality has not yet been firmly entrenched in the minds of a 19-year-old girl, so she will squeal with delight when she sees a huge poster with photos of all her friends. Under the photo, you can leave wishes, you can sew pockets for whatman paper, which will hide small cards or surprises (sweets, cute trifles). She would not fall asleep until she studied the whole collage and read all the messages;
Puzzles with the maximum number of details. This can be purchased puzzles or custom made. You can depict on them anything you like: a photo of a birthday girl, her favorite place in the city or just a beautiful landscape. Yes it can be even that collage from different photos, the main thing is that there are a lot of details in the mosaic. It will be fun and out of the box.

A bouquet of flowers is not a gift. It can be attached as an addition, but it’s worth giving something definite for the birthday party. A bouquet of soft toys or sweets is also not suitable as an independent gift for 18 and 19 years. Leave them better until March 8 or New Year.

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