Gifts for 5-year-old girl

gifts for 5-year-olds

Any children’s holiday, despite the harmless and cheerful sound of this expression — is a responsible and serious event, the preparation of which should be approached with special thoroughness and scrupulousness. Especially when it comes to the birthday of a five-year-old girl. After all, children at this age are very susceptible and vulnerable, and from this event they are waiting for a real miracle, fulfillment of desires and interesting moments, which they will remember with joy and pleasure. Well, parents only need to prepare the holiday and pick up the «right» gift for the girl for 5 years so that when she remembers about that wonderful day she only had positive impressions and emotions.

The choice of a good presentation for a young five-year-old «lady» is not a very simple task. After all, she celebrates a worthy and serious event — her first anniversary. That is, and the attitude to it should be appropriate. And here you can go in two ways: directly ask the culprit of the celebration, what she wants to get on her birthday or choose a present to her liking, corresponding to the characteristics of her nature and character.

By the way, at this age many children already have specific desires and are able to formulate them quite clearly. And very well remember the promises given by adults. So, if you promised a five-year-old girl as a gift some expensive thing, try to keep the word and be sure to buy it for her birthday, so as not to lose confidence in yourself from the little man. Moreover, no cheerful surprise can be compared with the fulfillment of an old dream or a cherished desire. The main thing, of course, is that it be realistic and realistic.

Although, and a practical approach to the process of choosing a gift should not be ruled out in any case. Agree, because to spend big money on some fashionable toy, which after a minimum amount of time will be thrown into a distant drawer in a closet or gadget that does not match the age of the child, is at least stupid and not rational. Therefore, it is best to find a compromise that will suit both you and the birthday girl.

Moreover, there are not so few options for presents that can be given to a girl on the occasion of her 5th birthday. And among them you can find many original and unusual things that will make an indelible impression on her.

Puppet affluence

The most suitable gifts for a girl of five years old, of course, are toys. Well, among the most desired and favorite gifts from this category, in the first place, it is worth noting dolls. These charming creatures with huge eyes and silky hair are capable of conquering the heart of any five-year-old lady. Especially if you choose the «right» doll, which will suit the birthday girl in taste and character. Here are a few interesting options that can come to taste even the most demanding «lady»:
Dolls from the series «Barbie», «Bratz», «Monster High», etc. Today there are quite a lot of options for every taste, among which without much effort you can choose a model suitable for each specific case. Naturally, it is better to ask in advance the future recipient of the gift, which doll she wants to receive as a gift. In addition, a girl of 5 years old on her birthday can also present various accessories for her favorite dolls: houses with furnishings, sets of jewelry, doll make-up, etc.
Pups are interactive type. These are dolls in the form of babies (boys or girls) made in a realistic manner, making sounds responsive to touch and even able to eat a bottle from a bottle and go to the toilet. Typically, these dolls are completed with various accessories such as pacifiers, various bowls, miniature pots, etc. Taking care of such a toy, the girl will be able to learn to communicate with a small child, which is very useful to her in the future life.
Stuffed Toys. This present invariably evokes delight and tenderness. Especially if it’s a pretty plush kitten, a bear growing with a recipient of a gift or a pink-cheeked pig that can be hugged before going to bed. In any case, a positive reception of such a gift is guaranteed.

Designers and educational toys

However, despite the fact that all kinds of dolls are presented to girls as presents most often, not all young people of the fair sex dream of such an option. Many of them have a sharp, inquisitive mind and cope with puzzles and logical tasks no worse than boys. In this case, the question: «what to give a girl for 5 years?» Can be solved in a slightly different way. For example, after giving them on their holiday one of the following:

Constructors of type LEGO. With their help you can create a lot of interesting things with your own hands and play with them, developing imagination and imagination. There are a lot of varieties of designers of this kind on sale, which can be either thematic or universal.
Magnetic puzzles. A very interesting and entertaining gift, which is sure to appeal not only to boys, but also to girls.
Card games. Today, there are a lot of different games, ranging from the well-known «Monopoly» and other economic strategies, to the series devoted to popular films and computer games, which can be played by the whole family, without age restriction. Of these, only need to choose something suitable.
Children’s computers. Although a five-year-old girl can quite say that she wants to get a real computer or a laptop on her birthday, she should not hurry up with the purchase of such a gift. It is better to give her a thing that corresponds to her age. Such as a children’s computer, through which she can learn to read and count.
Puzzles. This useful and interesting present will also be very popular with many girls. Especially if the picture to be collected «the culprit of the celebration» will be devoted to the topic of interest («Princesses», «Animals», etc.).

Cosmetics, jewelry and clothes

Many girls, from the youngest age, are crazy about beautiful and pleasant things: jewelry, clothing, as well as fragrant water and cosmetics. Therefore, they will come to real delight if on their birthday you hand them:

A beautiful and elegant dress. It is better with a magnificent skirt. After all, almost every girl dreams of feeling like a real princess or fairy fairy.
Various hairpins, scallops with stones, bows, etc. Such things are like absolutely all the girls. At least, if they do not wear them themselves, they will «attach» this «beauty» by decorating their puppets or pets.
Children’s cosmetics. It can be baby lip gloss, shade or toilet water with a delicate fruit aroma. A good option — sprays for hair and body with shine.

For mental and physical development

In addition, on the day of the 5th anniversary the girl can be presented:

Toy locks and houses. You can buy models of all types and sizes, ranging from miniature toys to tent houses, where you can hide with your girlfriends.
Soft interactive toys such as talking hamsters, Ferbi, etc. Repeating for her future mistress every word with a funny cartoonish voice, such a «pet» will give her a lot of positive emotions and joy.
Sets of doll utensils. With such toys like to play almost all the girls, so, you definitely will not lose if you hand them to them on their birthday.
Dance floor mats. A great way to have fun and how to «tear yourself away» in a fun little girl company.
Roller skates or bicycle. An excellent gift for an active, mobile girl. Just like a gift and such as figure skates, if her birthday is in the cold season.

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