Gifts for 7-year-old girls


Give presents to toddlers «toddlers» is a pleasure. To please them is simple enough: you buy something bright and colorful, maybe musical and noisy, and you get a lot of positive emotions and sincere joy in return. But, children grow quickly, and with them their requests are growing. And «pick up the key» to the heart of a 6-7 year old child is much more difficult. So if you have a question: what to give a girl for 7 years, keep in mind that it is not easy to answer it …

Looking for something special?

In general, in order to please a young beauty at this age, really have to work hard. And first of all you need to take into account the features of the character and temperament of the birthday girl. Hence follows another important point that directly affects the choice of a gift. This, of course, the range of her interests, which seven-year-old girls can be very, very diverse. Some of them turn into real fashionistas and literally go crazy with beautiful brand clothes, accessories, jewelry and cosmetics (childish, of course). Others gladly play with dolls in their mother’s daughters and collect characters from popular cartoon films. Well and the third rush around the yard with the boys, preferring «puppet tea» and sitting with girlfriends active and lively games. In a word, how many girls, so many hobbies and this is definitely worth considering when choosing a gift for a seven-year-old baby.

Proceeding from the above, the presents for girls of this age can be divided into several large groups, each of which can find many original and interesting things for all tastes.

Girls are very fond of dressing up, and everyone knows this. Therefore, most of them are very approving of gifts like:

The dress of the «real princess». Any young beauty will come to real delight if, as a presentation on her birthday, you present her with a luxurious, lush dress with flounces and ruffles, such as the most real princesses in pictures in her favorite books. This is a very good gift for a girl for 7 years, which she will surely like.
Cosmetic set for girls. Today on sale there is a wide variety of children’s cosmetics, featuring an attractive appearance and good quality. So, you will only need to pick up what you like «the culprit of the celebration.» Do you want to make an unforgettable impression on her? Then take all and a lot, packing this «maiden wealth» in a beautiful holiday package (preferably pink). For convenience, you can buy ready-made kits, which usually include pearl luster for the lips, shadows, lipsticks, and complement them with a bottle of fragrant toilet water for girls. Success in the delivery of such a gift is exactly assured to you!
Handbags of various styles and sizes. Another accessory that brings seven-year-old beauties into real delight. Please note: «right» bags for girls must be elegant and beautiful, and at this age it is already necessary to avoid unnecessary «childishness», nevertheless young ladies consider themselves already old enough, because some of them already go to school.
Fancy shoes. Necessarily lacquered and of course, on heels. No such fashionista will refuse such a presentation.

An activist and an athlete

Despite the fact that elegant shoes and lush dresses are considered invariable attributes of a girl’s life, not all young ladies treat these «luxuries» positively. There are some who prefer comfortable pants and old ragged sneakers. Still, because in the dress of a princess it is impossible to drive a bike or climb up trees! So, when choosing a gift for girls-sorvantsov, it is better to move in the diametrically opposite direction, buying for them, for example, one of the following things:

Roller Skates. A perfect gift for an active, agile girl who spends a lot of time with friends on the street. And the mood will raise and health will help to strengthen. After all, the movement at this age (yes, in fact, in any other) — a pledge of a full, long life without diseases and pills. The only point: when buying videos for a seven-year-old girl, do not forget about protective equipment, including a helmet, knee pads and shields to protect the elbows. So you will protect the young sportswoman from possible injuries and injuries.
A bike. Another gift from the category of very useful and functional things for the young and active. Only when buying it, take into account the age and initial training of the girl. Now you can buy a lot of original models of various sizes and color solutions, designed specifically for girls, equipped with additional «lotions» that make cycling more comfortable and safe.
Set for badminton. Also a good option for a girl who can not even sit still for an hour. With his help, she will improve her attention and coordination, having received from the dynamic mobile game a lot of positive emotions. Also it will remain is very happy with a gift.
Good sneakers. Just as a princess girl will be delighted with charming lacquer shoes, a tomboy girl will be delighted with comfortable, beautiful sneakers in which she can run around the yard with her boyfriends. A very useful and practical gift, which is quite suitable for a young girl with pronounced athletic inclinations.

Lover of games and toys

Despite the fact that at the age of seven some girls consider themselves already old enough, most of them continue to play their favorite dolls and toys. Therefore, on their birthday, they will accept with great gratitude the following presents from you:

Dolls. This gift variant among the whole variety of toy products, manufactured by modern industry, traditionally takes the leading place. At the same time, the tastes in the choice of dolls for girls’ games can differ drastically. Some of them prefer Barbie, who can be dressed and combed in a fashionable and modern style. Others prefer interactive baby dolls in a realistic performance, which can be looked after as a real small child. They even cry with real tears, eat from a bottle and write on a pot. Well, some adore more extravagant and unusual dolls like «creepy, but pretty» monstress from the collection «School of Monsters».
Collectible toys. Girls at the age of seven very often become true fans of all sorts of animated series and films, enthusiastically collecting figures and accessories depicting their favorite heroes. Among the most popular series are Winx, Bratz, My Little Pony, Filli’s Horses, etc. Do not doubt, if on the birthday of the young beauty you give her another copy in her collection, you will make an indelible impression on her. So, if you know that the birthday girl is fond of «gathering», keep in mind, you can not imagine a better gift for her.
Board games. A very good version of the presentation for a girl of seven years, especially if she has many friends with whom she can play these same games. The most suitable ones are: «Twister», «Crocodile», mini-darts, etc.

Serious and «advanced» person

As you know, modern children with digital and computer technology get acquainted in a fairly «tender age.» So, by the age of seven, most of them with a tablet, computer or a functional camera have long been «on you». They love these useful and easy-to-use gadgets and spend quite a lot of time behind them. Therefore, with pleasure will receive from you as a gift:

tablet for girls. And it does not necessarily have to be a «children’s toy» with primitive functions and a minimum of possibilities. Believe me, any seven-year-old girl will easily understand the «real» tablet, and, after a short time, will teach you how to handle it. Of course, this is a good gift for a serious and inquisitive lady, provided it is of reasonable and infrequent use.
Digital camera. If the girl for whom you want to choose a gift, is fond of creativity, is interested in the surrounding world and knows how to see the beauty and uniqueness of each of its separate details, this present will help her to better reveal her abilities. And, for starters, it’s better to choose a camera of a simple model so that she can learn how to handle this gadget. Well, and with the development of this hobby, you can later acquire a more «serious» apparatus.
Mobile phone. Since at the age of seven the majority of children go to school, this functional and useful thing becomes no longer a pampering but a necessity. In addition, a beautiful and stylish phone is so nice to brag to your girlfriends!

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