Gifts for 8-year-old girls


Just yesterday, life flowed steadily in its own way, and today you’re wondering what gift a girl will be given for 8 years. Gifts — it’s great! And receive, trembling with joy and surprise, and giving, enjoying the delight and gratitude of the gifted. Remember, with what exciting excitement in childhood we waited for the morning of January 1 and birthday.

We have long grown up, and already our turn to prepare surprises for our children. Sometimes you have to think hard, because not everything a child needs can be considered a gift. Ideally, every parent should know the hobbies and needs of his child. And if you are not a parent, and do not know so well what the birthday girl is like? To save you from sleepless nights and hours of fruitless shopping, we offer a few ideas on what to give a girl for 8 years.

Childhood was invented in order to play

No matter how fast the children develop now, eight years are still childhood. And the main activity at the age of 8 is still a game.

Dolls. Virtually every girl has a favorite doll. It can be a navel, which you can take care of, like a small child. Also very popular series of dolls Monster High, Ever After High and other Bratz. If the birthday girl is a calm and tidy child, you can give a collection china doll. And from cheap «nedobarbi» refuse, this is a bad tone.
Toy houses, furniture and accessories. Of course, dolls need to live somewhere and dress in something. Here the main thing is not to lose with the size.
Stuffed Toys. Find out if a girl collects seals or teddy bears. Or he dreams of a huge rabbit, on which you can lie down while reading your favorite book.
Radio controlled models. If the girl is active and has boyish interests, she will be happy to receive a radio-controlled car, helicopter or quadrocopter for her birthday.

Educational games

This is a very important point, because childhood is coming to an end, and if the child does not learn to enjoy the tension of his mind, the prospects for self-development in adulthood will not be too joyful. Therefore, developing games at this age will be very handy.
Board games. Monopoly, Lotto, Domino, «Snakes and ladders» and other adventure games, role-playing board games (Munchkin, Mafia and many others) is a great way to have fun and usefully, and to rally the family or friends. And for small geniuses, beautifully designed chess, checkers or backgammon.
Puzzle and puzzles. You can, of course, do with standard, all known puzzles, but why not instead of Rubik’s banal cube, do not give a present-day Neocube. By the way, in addition to the usual puzzles, which we are accustomed to, now gaining popularity 3D puzzles, which can be collected in a beautiful figure and left as a souvenir. This also includes wooden models of all kinds of vehicles or monuments of architecture.

Children’s play furniture and interior elements

Game themed tables. 8 years is the age when the child is no longer interested in playing with plastic pot (already coming to an end). And, nevertheless, if your girlfriend often goes to your girlfriend, such a gift will clearly not accumulate dust without work. Now this product is a great variety: a portable kitchen with an oven, and a set for a grill, and a dressing table, and a shopping counter, and that’s all.
An unusual lamp. A storm of emotions will cause a table lava lamp or a plasma ball «Lightning». The latter, by the way, looks so mysterious and effective that it can be used in role-playing games about fairies and wizards. But such a gift is most likely to be used as a supplement, but not as a basic one.
A personal set of dishes. No girl will give up her own plate, cup and cutlery. Especially, she will be happy if it is a set with her favorite characters, for example, Hello Kitty.

Interest club

We divide gifts under hobbies. So it will be easier to decide the choice and please the child.

For sports and outdoor activities
Is the birthday girl an active and agile child? She spends whole days in the open air and begins to mope in four walls? The gifts listed below can greatly please her.

A bicycle is a simple and safe option. At this age, most children already know how to handle two-wheeled vehicles, but just in case, you can take with another pair of safety wheels, which can always be removed. Such a gift will be most suitable if the girl was born in the summer or spring, at a time when she can immediately try out her gift without waiting for the right season.
Rollers or skates. But in this case it is necessary to take into account that the baby’s leg is still growing. Such a gift can be presented only with the certainty that the girl will use it often.
Sets for active games. Rackets for playing badminton (tennis, ping-pong), darts, you can give without a doubt. At the same time, skipping ropes, balls and other rubber bands — it’s too simple, and as a gift do not suit.

Creativity and crafts

Girls are usually much more creatively directed than boys, and therefore in this sphere there is always something to give to an 8 year old girl.

Materials for drawing and applications. All girls in their childhood (and many and all their lives) have a weakness for bright stationery, and will never give up velvet (metallized or corrugated) paper or felt figures for applique. A «professional» artist can present a good set of watercolor or acrylic paints, a set of brushes and even an easel (with a slate on the back).
Billets for crafts. At this age, only a few know how to sew or knit themselves, but now they sell a lot of blanks and training sets with ready-made elements. This is
There is a gypsum mass with a mold and paints, patterns of a soft toy (Tilda’s style is especially popular), a picture for paetting, a picture preparation, which you only need to decorate and clothe in a beautiful frame, etc.
A set for creating ornaments. In the children’s store or jewelry shop you will find materials for creating jewelry, including hair. You can choose separately beads, beads, ribbons, hair clips, hoops and other trifles, or you can purchase a whole set.

Accustom to beauty

Girls care for themselves and look good you need to learn from an early age. And at the age of 8, girls are already beginning to compete in appearance, so gifts from this category are always relevant.

Bijouterie and jewelry for hair. If a girl grows a fashionista, she needs a collection of her own jewelry. But if you decide to give earrings, then it is better to bow to the traditional option — gold studs.
Set for hair and body care. Each young lady should have her own shampoos, baby creams, lip balms. But children’s cosmetics at this age is no longer popular.
Accessories. A small handbag over your shoulder with a picture of your favorite cartoon characters, a bright umbrella, stylish sunglasses in a beautiful case, (stylish) fashionable Panama or a bright scarf will help you learn how to add a highlight to every image.
Many of the habit give a grown up girl clothes. But the emerging personality already has its own tastes, which can be missed, so the best option is to go with her to the store, where she will choose what she will like.

The book is always the best gift

Encyclopedias. At the age of eight, children are hungry for knowledge, so encyclopedias about living nature, about space (for girls), and so on will be received with great enthusiasm.
Coloring books. Thin little magazines with indistinct contours are in the past. In any bookstore you will find a full book with very detailed images. They are also called «coloring-antistress». It fascinates and delays incredibly.
Panorama books. If you want to combine a book, a souvenir and a miracle, you can choose this gift. And again we forget children’s books about Kolobok with voluminous pictures, which do not go to any comparison with these works of art. Entire worlds are opened here, and each turn can be used as a full-fledged location for the game, for example, in fairies.
Nominal notebooks and diaries. No such girl will refuse such a presentation. Remember, as a child, we all rushed with questionnaires and questionnaires. Modern girls are also not indifferent to such things. And it’s not about time, but about age.

Living Corner or how to impart responsibility

We will highlight an interesting gift as pets. Of course, if the birthday girl is not your personal daughter, then before choosing a pet you need to carefully discuss this with your parents, because an 8-year-old girl can hardly fully cope with the care of the animal herself. But his personal pet, of course, teaches responsibility. If you can not get a puppy or a kitten (with ferrets and chameleons while you wait), you can always get a chatty parrot or silent fish and turtles.

Give memories

Here you can include tickets for events and certificates for master classes. Do not think that children need only material gifts. Emotions are also very important. The girl will be very happy to receive tickets to children’s theater, a zoo or a circus. Maybe she dreams of visiting an aquapark or a show with dolphins. And if the birthday girl has some hobby, then the certificate for courses on decoupage or art painting will delight her.

We also recommend you see the attached video, in which the girl tells about the received gifts for her birthday. Perhaps this is where you will take something for yourself.

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