Gifts for the thirteen-year-old girl


The ability to correctly select and give gifts — the whole art, which, alas, not everyone owns. Especially when it comes to a very young teenage girl, just stepped from the status of «child» in a new age category for herself. In order to correctly choose a gift for a girl for 13 years, you need to show maximum imagination and fantasy, because despite their more «adult» status, at this age children still believe in a miracle and expect from their holiday something unusual and special.
So how to please the charming «culprit of the celebration» and make her birthday a bright, emotional event, which she will remember with warmth years later? Firstly, it is worth considering that gifts for a 13-year-old girl should be original and effective, so she would gladly share her impressions of them with her girlfriends. Secondly, they must take into account the characteristics of their potential recipient’s character in order to find a response in her heart.

Not departing from traditions

Books, illustrated encyclopaedic publications, diaries for teenagers. Despite its tradition and predictability, this is a very good version of the presentation, especially if it is a well-developed, erudite and curious person whose interests are not limited to sitting in social networks and viewing «House 2» or other programs of a similar type. By the way, various publications such as «Personal Diaries», usually very much like girls at this age, because in them they can store their little secrets. So, by acquiring something like this, you will get to the very point.
Jewelry and bijouterie. Good gift. Especially if you know the tastes of its recipient. After all, despite the high cost of this presentation, if you incorrectly choose the design of the same earrings or necklace, you risk disappointing the birthday girl. Therefore, most often presenters of this type are given by loving parents or close relatives who are well aware of the taste preferences of the «culprit of the celebration.» For a young 13-year-old lady, it’s best to choose medium-sized, elegant products without massive stones and unnecessary decor. An excellent option — earrings made of silver or gold, made in the «youth style.» As for costume jewelry, it should also be elegant enough and modern, so as not to «weight» the image of the young girl. Very gently and exquisitely look pendants and pendants in the form of zodiac signs, but rings at this age are not accepted.
Clothes and shoes. At any age, girls are very fond of dressing up, and this is a proven fact, repeatedly tested in practice. Therefore, they gladly accept as a gift all sorts of fashionable things like the next pair of jeans, blouse or a dress-wedding dress. So, you do not even have to puzzle over what to give the girl for 13 years. It is enough just to ask her, in which wardrobe does she most need at the moment? In this case, it will be best if she takes a direct part in this purchase. At least, so she will have the opportunity to try on things interesting her, and you can pick them up to her size. Especially it concerns shoes or other footwear, which is desirable to try on before buying. Well, you never know what? Of course, in this case your gift will not be a surprise, but you will not worry, it will be to the taste of its recipient or not.
Handbags. It can be products of various shapes and sizes: comfortable and practical backpacks and shoulder straps, beautiful clutches and original bags over the shoulder. Believe me, any model charming fashionista will find a worthy place in her wardrobe.
Modern gadgets. Representatives of the younger generation can not imagine their lives without a mobile phone, smartphone and tablet. Moreover, the model of this device must necessarily be «steeper» than that of classmates or close friends. Well, or at least not worse. So, if the birthday girl has been hinting for a long time that it’s time for her to change her annoying phone, her birthday is an excellent occasion to do it. Buying a smartphone or tablet as a gift, pay attention to the brand and functionality of these gadgets. These indicators must necessarily be «at the level». If you are not well versed in mobile telephony, just ask the future recipient of the gift about it. Then you will definitely insure yourself from the danger of acquiring «something wrong».

Practical approach

Congratulating the charming lady, celebrating her 13th birthday, I very much want the gift given to her to bring some practical benefit. Therefore, on this holiday, the girl can be presented and something very rational and useful. For example:

Certificates for the purchase of clothing, cosmetics, ornaments. If you are afraid that your taste radically differs from the preferences of the birthday girl, then such a demanding and legible person should not buy anything alone. Moreover, today you can take advantage of a very convenient offer from most commercial shops — a gift card for a certain amount, for which you can buy any goods sold in them. Very practical and «right» present, perfectly suitable for a young girl.
Sports equipment, simulators. Such a useful and functional gift, in the first place, will be delighted by an active and cheerful girl who prefers a dynamic and mobile way of life. She will simply be delighted with the new pair of roller or figure skates, a good quality sports suit or a fashionable exercise machine in which she will engage in sports at home. And, conversely, a present of this type is unlikely to make the right impression on a serious and calm person, most of his time, pursuing books or needlework. So, when buying these things you need to take into account the nature of the girl’s character.
Wrist Watch. A solid, respectable gift, very suitable for such a serious event as celebrating the 13th anniversary. Now on sale you can find many original models of women’s wristwatches, made in a stylish, original manner, which will surely please the 13-year-old girl. So, from this abundance it will be quite easy for you to choose something worthwhile and suitable.
Electroplugs or ironing for hair. If a girl watches her appearance and likes to make herself a different hairstyle, changing her appearance and image, this present will be very useful for her.
Money. This version of the presentation, perhaps, can be called the most popular and widespread. Indeed, why waste time looking for something incomprehensible, if you can give a pretty envelope with money bills, for which the birthday girl herself will buy herself whatever she wants. In principle, this idea is not devoid of rationality, therefore it has a right to exist. The original version of this presentation is a savings or savings plastic card, for which a certain amount of pocket money will be charged each month.

Creatively and with imagination

If in your opinion these gift options are a little boring and not clever enough and original, you can try to give a 13-year-old girl something more extraordinary and creative.

T-shirts with funny prints and inscriptions. If you pick up the «right theme», which will seem to the recipient of the gift to be really funny and original, you will undoubtedly make a «necessary» impression on it. The main thing is not to overdo it, and not roll down to vulgarity and bad taste. Do not forget that the gift is meant for the child, though slightly older.
Pillows-toys. Despite the fact that, most likely, the «culprit of the celebration» considers itself quite adult and serious, there are things that will please her at any age. This category includes, of course, soft toys that cause real enthusiasm and tenderness. And if they are also made in the form of pillows, which are so nice to hold in their hands and relax on them after a busy school day, it’s just a double pleasure and joy for their future owner. Moreover, the version of these products can be absolutely anything: a fluffy lamb, a bellied cat, a funny bear cub, etc. In any case, such a congratulation will necessarily cause a sea of ​​positive emotions and positive.
Souvenirs, figurines, collectible toys. This gift is suitable for girls who are fond of collecting and actively fill their room with various cute trinkets in the form of porcelain dolls, figurines of angels, seals, etc. The main thing is that the gizmos that you present to the gatherer of similar products, were not yet in her collection. Then she will certainly be satisfied with your congratulations.
Creator’s Kit. Again, here it is worth taking into account the hobbies of a 13-year-old girl. At this age, many are fond of drawing, making various items from beads and stones, embroidery or other kinds of needlework. And your gift will help develop the talents and skills of the birthday girl and will give her many pleasant minutes in her spare time.

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