How to surprise a girl from a distance: ideas of surprises

How to surprise a girl from a distance

Girls really appreciate in the guys their ability to surprise. But one thing is when a guy is constantly next to his beloved and makes her some surprises, and quite another if the couple is experiencing a temporary separation associated with someone’s departure. To keep the brand of the best man in the world, you need to know how to surprise a girl from a distance so she can feel your love, even if she is in another city or country.

Checking the feelings by distance

Distance can strengthen feelings. It is known that a person begins to understand how close his relatives are to him when he does not see them for a long time. The same in the relationship of a guy and a girl: if you are constantly together, then sooner or later you start to get tired of each other. And when you leave someone from a couple to another city, people start to get bored, suffer from the inability to see each other and eventually realize that they are no longer ready to part.

Surprise the girl

To somehow brighten up the separation period, you need to constantly remind yourself. The girl is a sweet led person; she should not make broad gestures. From her enough daily calls and gentle sms. But the guy may well come up with something extraordinary, not to let his girl forget about herself, even when she is thousands of miles away.

Courier delivery

Previously, to send greetings, letters or gifts, you had to send ambassadors to another city. Then there was a telephone connection, and it became possible to communicate two people from different cities. Today it has evolved to such an extent that you can even see a person while being at any place on the planet. And in order to arrange a surprise, it is enough to apply to a specialized company that deals with this.

How should you act if your girlfriend is in another city, and you want something to give her a bouquet?

In social networks or in the Internet search engine, find a company for the delivery of flowers;
Communicate personally with the manager or the head of the company;
Explain the situation: that you are in another city, are interested in the opportunity to choose a bouquet from a photo, agree on payment (card, electronic money, postal order);
Make a payment and wait for a happy SMS from your beloved, who is surprised how you could give her flowers, being thousands of miles away.

In addition to flowers, you can send any surprises:

Stuffed Toys;
Dinner from the restaurant, etc.
In such a surprise there is a certain risk. The firm can receive money and not fulfill its obligations, because, in fact, the contract you had was oral. It remains only to hope that you will get a good company. In a pinch, you can leave a negative review on the site.

Advertising banner

If the business trip (your or your girlfriends) is long-term, in a few days the correspondence and calls will not bring positive emotions. It will turn into routine.

Tell a girl about your feelings can be through loud recognition in love. Under the definition of «loud» is understood that it is not only she who recognizes recognition, but also other people.

How can you do this, and even at a distance

Again, there is an opportunity to apply to a special company. This time it will be a company engaged in the design of advertising banners. They do not care what will be written on the poster. The main thing is that it should be paid for. We proceed as follows:

We come up with a poster design. You can do it in your city. If you own the layout software — you can do it yourself, otherwise the poster can be issued by the company.
In the city where the girl is, we are looking for a company engaged in advertising on banners, in buses, in transport, etc. The main thing is that the poster was visible to a large number of people.
We pay the order by card.
If you chose an advertising banner, then try to place it on the path of your girl’s route.

Unexpected surprise

The above two methods were quite costly. But you can surprise a girl without money. You must prepare a small surprise for her in advance, placing it in a place where the girl does not look often. If you leave, and the girl remains, it’s easier: you can hide a surprise in her apartment:

In a vase or a glass, standing in the sideboard;
Under the carpet (in case this is a note);
On the mezzanine;
Deep in the closet, etc.
That is, it should be any hard-to-reach place.

If a girl leaves and you do not have the opportunity to get busy in her temporary home in another city, then a surprise is thrown into the luggage: in the pocket of a sweatshirt or jeans; in the lining of the jacket; in a cosmetic bag, etc. If the girl does not find a surprise herself, then you can call and tell her. As a surprise, a note, a postcard, a small decoration or a hand-crafted item can serve.

Here I am

Option for the most impatient guys who do not want to put up with separation: you can just come to your beloved. The girl will undoubtedly be pleasantly surprised that you are ready to follow her to the end of the world, forgetting about your affairs. But if you carefully plan your visit without telling your beloved, it will be doubly more amazing.

You can quietly come to the city, where the girl temporarily resides, settle nearby and arrange a day of surprises for her. At the same time, she should understand that you are doing this, and not some of her admirers, but to remain perplexed, as it may be. For example: throw a note in her mailbox (so she knows the handwriting), which talks about what only you and the two of you know. Come to her at work or to the institute and give a message in words. Try to look like this so that you can accurately describe (you can wear the clothes in which the girl is accustomed to seeing you).
Try to become a phantom. The girl must think that you are imagining her. Put on a baseball cap, sunglasses, hood and appear in the girl’s field of view: get out of the corner, and then hide again; appear in the crowd, and then mix with it; Stand on the road near the traffic light, near which her bus stops, etc.
Just suddenly appear. It can happen at any time and in any place: collide with her in the subway, ask him to pass on the fare in the minibus, ask her for a while as if you are a casual passer-by. Remember: the more trite the situation, the more amazing the meeting will be. It would be nice if someone captures this moment on the camera.
Do all of the above, remember that the girl at any time can call you to calm his bewilderment. Be ready for her questioning. To reveal yourself and to enclose the girl in your arms you can at any moment, but the more you pull him, the more touching and emotionally the meeting will turn out.

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