Interesting gifts for women


Desire to adequately and unusually bestow a fair sex representative so that she has vivid impressions, appears on the eve of the general holiday or her special personal date. Sensitive and attentive ladies turn their attention to all the subtleties associated with the gift: solemnity and sincerity of the moment of delivery, consideration of her desires and taste while doing so. A husband, colleague or friend who prepares and selects amazing and interesting gifts for women is given a great responsibility. As a result of a successful choice, there is mutual satisfaction of both the giver and the receiver.

Material gifts, which can be purchased in stores

Consider a selection of several gift ideas that you can find in the stores. By the way, it is important to remember that the gift etiquette, regarding a presentation made for money, says that a woman should not know the true price of a gift. This will give importance and mystery to the gift, regardless of its value.

Unusual household appliances in the kitchen (waffle iron, hazelnut, chocolate fountain, fondyushnitsa). Not every landlady has such appliances in the kitchen, there will still be something missing. And the original options, like fondyushnitsa, hazel, etc. you can really please a woman, especially if you know in advance that she loves cooking utensils.
Devices for beauty (darsonval, set for manicure / pedicure, etc.). Each lady takes care of her appearance and very many take care of themselves at home. It is these women will be pleased with a special device, which they do not have in the home. Let it be modern technology, but from a proven firm, then she will definitely accept your gift with delight.
A jar of good mood. Very cute and pleasant unusual gift for a good mood — a jar filled with delicious sweets and attached to them wishes-predictions. Such an original and interesting gift will appeal to any woman, moreover, he can really help, if suddenly disheartened. Having taken one candy, the woman will smile and become a little more cheerful. You can choose ready-made jars under the brand «delicious help» and you definitely will not lose!
Fashion Items. Women who love a special chic, will surely note that interesting stroke if on a guaranteed high-quality presentation there will be a label of a famous firm: Kuznetsovsky porcelain, Swarovski crystal, Chanel perfume, scarf or umbrella from Armani. Therefore, you should take a good look at the behavior of the gifted woman or consult her friends in order to really not lose with the gift and maximize it.

Gifts that can be made by hand or made to order

Made by own hands (or to order) a present is always much more pleasant for the recipient. After all, he conveys a sense of concern for a person and the importance of him in the life of the donor. But you do not have to make the whole gift yourself, you can simply beautifully arrange the gift you have already bought and this will already cause a storm of pleasant emotions in the person to whom you present it. Let’s consider some ideas.

Flowers in boxes (can be with Victoria or cookies makaruns). Not so long ago, it was such a present that began to gain popularity. Usually it is a small box (square, round or even heart shaped), which is half filled with fresh flowers inserted into a special wet sponge for the flowers to hold on for long. The second half of the box is usually filled with Victoria, chocolates, sweets, cookies «macaroons» or even just notes with wishes or compliments.
Jewelry (under her sign of the zodiac or with a personal engraving). A woman who is interested in a horoscope, an intellectual, will like an unusual gift in the form, suitable for her birth date, a talisman stone. It will be great if it is presented together with a cognitive, colorfully illustrated book about the properties of the mineral, its influence on the possessor, the incredible stories connected with him. You can also give a pendant, a pendant or a ring with a personal engraving, which is also very pleased woman.
Soap with their own hands. Often it is such a gift that can express an individuality, because you can depict anything on it. Of course, we should not forget about packaging, it will play a very important role in this case.
Casket for decorations in the style of decoupage. A beautiful container for women’s jewelry with a mirror, made in the style of decoupage, will never be superfluous. The basis for the box will serve as a wooden box with a conveniently opening lid. For making your own hands you will need napkins with a picture, scissors, brush, PVA glue, colorless varnish, colored beads, artificial pearls, rhinestones and ribbons, a mirror. It is necessary to tear the napkins into approximately the same pieces and glue them to the surface of the box layer by layer, observing the intended ornament. Allow the construction to dry and coat it with varnish also in several layers. Glue the rest of the decor elements, place the mirror on the inside of the cover. So we will receive a wonderful present, which is also desirable to be beautifully packaged in order to cause even more and joyful emotions.
Roses made of wood or metal. Of course, fresh flowers, and roses, including, as appreciated and will always be valued. But it will be much more interesting if you donate unusual flowers, for example from wood or any metal (copper, steel, silver). So you show that this gift is unique, especially if it still has an engraving of the woman’s name.

Portrait or picture. Many women like gifts such as portraits or paintings for interior decoration, especially if it is painted in an unusual style. You can order a portrait from the artist or make your own.

An original gift on the paper with sweets. This gift is very popular and everyone is pleased to receive it. It consists of sweets and appropriate wishes or compliments, based on the chosen sweetness. For example, you glue a «twix» bar on the Whatman paper, and above it write «we are not as separate as» or glue M & Ms and write «life with you is as bright as». Usually on Whatman glue immediately about 10 sweets and the same number of inscriptions do accordingly. The highlight of such a surprise is an individual approach to the person with the help of inscriptions and a selection of sweets.
Box with a surprise. This is a special box, which can be beautifully drawn from paper, and put some sweet surprise in it. More details about such a gift, we wrote in the article a gift to the sister with our own hands, read there.
Soft toy (for example, «cat Simon» or «rabbit Mi»). Girls and women somehow love to receive soft toys as gifts. It is important that these toys were made beautifully and under the interests of the gifted. Those. if a woman loves cats, it is better to give a soft kitten toy.
Original cake (from Kit Kat and M & M, or cake from kinder). Such an amazing present is very likely to surprise and delight any woman, of course, if she loves the sweet.
Bouquet from sweets or kinder. For several years this gift is considered original and unusual, and therefore many women will be happy to receive just such a bouquet, i.e. a bouquet of sweets, kindery or other sweets. Video lessons on making such bouquets can be found here.
Gift basket of goods. For young women, a gift is usually popular as a set of sweets, where candies and chocolates occupy most of the time, gift baskets with beautifully cut fruits, as well as a selection of other products, most of which you can not buy in regular stores (for example, , from fruits: passion fruit, mango, kumquat, physalis, quince, papaya, etc.). But in any case, chocolate is something in the basket, too, should be added to older women.

Interesting presents-impressions

The essence of each gift is a challenge of pleasant emotions. Gifts-impressions make these emotions also memorable. But there are also many gifts of impressions, so let’s analyze the most basic ones and who are more likely to please women.
Certificate for visiting the beauty salon / sessions of unusual massage. Almost all women will be happy with this gift, so you can immediately take it for service. But it is important to remember that some women prefer certain masters of their craft, so before choosing such a gift, you should be sure that she will be happy with the specialist you chose or the salon as a whole.
Video or radio-gift. A communicative woman who likes to be appreciated by the society and is in the center of attention will have to like the congratulation in the form of a footage sent to her e-mail or shown to her individually at the right time. You can congratulate her on the radio wave she listens in the car, order a billboard with her photo (opposite the beloved’s window or on her main route of daily following) and decorate it with a bunch of balloons. But it will be even more elegant if you organize a massive musical video-congratulation, taking as a model flashmobs of friends and relatives as the main characters in the final of the same comedy.
Exciting excursion (including flights by airplane, helicopter or air balloon). A romantic and creative girl is sure to remember the tour of the roofs of the night city or a flight in a hot air balloon. This option must be thought through in advance, but the effect of such an idea is simply staggering!
Tickets for a concert, a movie or a vacation package. For a temperamental lady, it will be a pleasant and surprising surprise — tickets for a theatrical premiere (a benefit concert of a favorite artist) or movie tickets, or a trip for two to an exotic place (to a tourist base or even to the sea). But it is important to understand that these presents should be beautifully packaged, so the effect of pleasant surprise to the gift will be much stronger!

The variability of unusual presents is immense and depends on male fantasy, talents, and skills. Even the usual and traditional, with the addition of that «raisin», can turn into interesting and memorable gifts. Having time for careful preparation, you can choose to combine and present original gifts from material, tasty, creative sections. Any present to a woman should be accompanied by a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Let them then also be «amazing», for example, with a droplet of dew on the petals of saturated shades.

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