Gifts for Sister


It’s no secret that one of the closest people to us after the parents is (if she is, of course) a sister, someone older, someone younger, so think about the gift for her carefully. And yes, by the way, you do not need a special reason to surprise her, please her at any time, an unexpected gift is even more pleasant than expected. So, what to give to your sister?

How to decorate the image?

What girl does not like to decorate her image — this will have to be looked for, and it is unlikely to be found! Decorations and bright details for the girl play a huge role, as well as all that she has. Therefore, tastefully approach the selection of elegant ornaments and accessories as a gift for the sister.
For special occasions it is better to give jewelry: earrings, bracelets, pendants or chains. Choose a gift based on the preferences of the sisters, of metal (gold / silver), style of decoration, etc. This option will be a worthy answer to the question — what to give to your beloved sister. In addition, you probably already know what your beloved sister prefers to wear.
Without any special reason, you can donate jewelry. In fact, it is no worse than jewelry, it has even more colors and shapes. Choose an elegant brooch, bracelet or pendant that will emphasize her personality and decorate one of her outfits. Either collect a whole set — earrings, necklaces and a bracelet. Jewelery is also different, i.e. simple and elite.
In addition to jewelry, you can give accessories of different types — bags, shawls (stoles), glasses, etc., which also will not be superfluous in the everyday life of any girl. If you want to please your little sister in the warm season, then let it be a nice hat, branded sunglasses or a swimsuit. In the cold season — a warm scarf, mittens, soft gaiters; for rainy weather useful umbrella.
I must say that it does not matter how old your sister is. Now it’s such a time that you just can not do without the necessary gadgets in some situations. So why not please your beloved sister with a brand new phone or something useful? Technology is always highly valued, and it is impossible not to be happy.

E-book or tablet
An electronic book will be useful to a girl if she likes to read or her work is related to various electronic materials, and also if she does not have a tablet, since there is no point in having both. You can not replace the tablet with an e-book. Or, on the contrary, you can give a tablet, then the book will not be needed, because there are many more functions in it than in the book, respectively — there are more opportunities too.
If you give a phone, be sure that with your gift you will definitely rejoice your sister, because this is quite a serious gift, which will suit your Birthday. To give, of course, is best the most popular expensive model, but if you do not have such means, then you can give your sister any other high-quality smartphone at a better price.
Photographers are becoming more and more in demand on the labor market, so why not give a camera to your native person so that she can take high-quality photos herself, because the photographer’s services are not particularly cheap, and he will not go around with you, day and night, moment. Perhaps, after the gift you have made, my sister decides to professionally study the art of photography.
It’s not about the usual wooden frame for photos, but about the digital photo frame. With this framework, your sister will be able to store your favorite photos in one place, from time to time browsing through them. In addition, such a frame will be a perfect addition to the interior of the room, if in addition to the pictures there to keep a nice quiet music for the background.

Pleasant trifles
When we talk about gifts for a girl, it’s impossible not to mention the options that can easily supplement the main surprise and give even more festivity to what you are giving, especially if it is some weighty occasion such as a birthday, March 8, then a professional holiday, etc.

Any girl wants to be beautiful and, despite the fact that you have seen and accepted her from the very childhood as she is, she simply needs cosmetics for her personal purposes, whether it’s a date or just a pleasant evening with one of her friends. Buy as a gift sets of cosmetics, and even better a certificate for a purchase in some company store, so she could choose for herself what she likes.

Girls, well, just love all kinds of sweets, and that’s why please your cousin with delicious cakes, ice cream or cake. Still it is possible to present the whole box of various delicacies of type: kinder, chocolate, bars, strawberries, etc. In addition, you can easily «try out» such a gift together, remembering the pleasant moments of his childhood, how on the sly from his parents they ate kilograms of chocolates. In some places, sweets are offered to make immediately unique inscriptions, for example, they do it here. And in this place, though without inscriptions, but quite a rich selection of interesting gifts with sweets.

Bouquet of sweets or toys
You yourself are unlikely to be able to make such a bouquet, but to buy to order — it’s easy! Therefore, everything in your power, find a good master and order a beautiful, stylish bouquet or from sweets (this is more suitable for an older sister), or from soft toys — hares or bears (this option can be prepared for a younger sister). Often such bouquets are offered even in ordinary flower shops, so you can look into the nearest flower department and ask around there.

Movie tickets
When was the last time you spent with your sister? Surely, each of you has many things to do, work and very little time to just talk with the person with whom your childhood passed. Who said that you can only go to the movies with your soul mate? Of course not. So, safely take the tickets and go to your favorite session. Watch the movie when he is still in the narrow box office or even the premiere, it will be very wonderful together, for one and rest.

Concert tickets
You probably know your sister’s preferences in music. Using this knowledge, give her tickets to her favorite band or performer. Or maybe she really wants to some kind of festival like open-air or a party, in general, find the place where the girl really wants to go, but has not yet purchased tickets, and please her. Such a gift will please your sister and give you a lot of positive emotions.

A nice addition to gifts
There are several more options for how to gift a little sister a little. The girl is an unpredictable creature, so you need to please her at different times, so that she does not become sad and depressed.

Who, if not the best, knows which flowers your sister prefers? But, here it is necessary to make a reservation: if you are your brother’s sister, then it’s better and more sensible to give a bouquet of real flowers, yet this is more of a man’s gesture; if you are sisters, give ts
branches in a beautiful pot, this option is more acceptable among women. Flowers will delight the eye and fill the room with your favorite fragrance.

Or rather, the sea of ​​balloons! Just imagine how your little sister, and it does not matter how old she is — ten or twenty, will be glad of such a miracle as her eyes will burn at this moment, because in the soul of every girl there is always a child. Give your beloved sister a little holiday, cheer up even on a typical day, because it’s so easy to do.

Ah, this is a magic word! There is nothing to hide — the girls adore to go shopping, and most likely your sister is no exception. It is clear that if you are sisters to each other, you will get a pleasant surprise and a good pastime, because you can understand each other better than anyone else; and if you are a brother and a sister, then in this case you have to give due credit, because not every man can withstand many hours of shopping. Therefore, your sister will appreciate your efforts. Make your beloved sister a surprise, please her with your company for this truly difficult but enjoyable occupation.

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