What’s the best gift for Wife?


It is often difficult for us to choose gifts. It is not known why, but it was so customary that it was really hard to present something really good. Especially such a difficult matter is the selection of a presentation for those people who, of course, have become an integral part of our lives. Perhaps that is why there is not enough imagination for a good gift to his wife. But this person wants to please and support endlessly. In the standard meaning, this woman is your support and support, the second half, the person with whom you have created a family, to live together all your life.

Yes, probably, all the happy husbands think about what to give to his wife. And although, on the one hand, the gift does not play a big role, on the other hand the main thing is that you generally remembered about this event. A joke, of course. But girls really do not pay attention to the cost or size of the gift, but how it was presented, what words were uttered at the same time, how unexpected was the congratulation, how unusual it is for you. The most important thing for women is the impressions received at this most cherished moment. So, whatever ideas we describe here, you should try to put it all right. We can not single out for sure any one effective way, because each person is individual. And your wife even more so.

We believe that the division of gifts by types of hobbies and universality is not needed here. It is better to collect a few different gifts, but suitable by age. You do not want to buy that thing, which is not at all suitable for your faithful. Therefore, a gift to his wife is best chosen according to her age. This does not mean that everything will be distributed strictly as written here. Exceptions exist in any rule. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you read all the congratulations and then make your final choice.

To thirty years:

This is a very young age. This is really a time of discovery, at such a time your wife wants to feel young, interesting, it is important for her to discover and set new goals, hobbies and dreams. Right now, a period when you do not feel quite grown up, you can sometimes indulge, and sometimes be serious. And you, as a husband, as a loving person, letting all your strength to immerse the wife in a fairy tale. Because the options for gifts are very diverse.

Romantic date. This option can be called, perhaps, the most win-win. And its diversity is so great that it will be very long to describe any outcome of the events. This evening in the restaurant, and just some picnic, and cooked you a delicious dinner. Or you can simply lead the beloved to your favorite, «common» place. In general, there are lots of options, but such a gift will be appreciated.
Jewelry. This is really something that will never lose relevance. For any reason, buy jewelry — this is the best option. After all, they really will always be welcome. And it’s also an excellent occasion to show off to your girlfriends. Rings, pendants and earrings from a favorite material and with adorable stones will please a woman of any age, and it does not matter at all whether it’s a birthday or another holiday.
«Bouquet» of sweets. The name of the bouquet is used here purely in symbolic meaning. Under the meaning can be understood simply a huge box of your wife’s favorite sweets. Or you will collect a set of exotic fruits and decorate it somehow in a special way, perhaps, put it in a wicker basket.
Underwear. As they say, underwear is a really important attribute of clothes in the wardrobe of any girl. With a good underwear, she feels more confident than usual. Therefore, arm yourself with money, find out the size of your wife and go to a specialized store. Just choose what you like most. Maybe later this linen will bring you some joy.
Present-impression. This will be the best decision if you want to really surprise your soul mate. Give her something that she will never forget. Let it be her long-standing craziest dream. For example, an extreme jump with a parachute, lessons on diving, a trip to the mountains, a walk through the night city accompanied by cute acts on your part. Especially such a gift will suit at that stage of the relationship, when you can start each other a little bored. Then your feelings will flash again.

From thirty to forty-five years:

At this age, the wife begins to feel old, no one needs. Such is the psychology of women. But at the same time, the final formation of the personality is taking place at the moment. In the first place is its own self-development, whatever that word means for everyone. For someone it’s to devote oneself to the family, the other is career growth, the third is your own beauty, the individual is interested in the spiritual development. Therefore, it is important to show your love and desire to take part in the life and interests of your spouse.

Courses for self-development. And the first thing we will turn to this option. After all, he, most likely, will approach on such average age of the woman. It is here that it is possible to realize the childhood dream of your woman by paying her a course of teaching Spanish or playing the violin. This can be tickets to various seminars, for example, in astrology or esoteric. Here you need to know exactly what your wife is fond of.
Cosmetics or a certificate in the cosmetic store. This is exactly suitable for those women who put their own attractiveness first. This is not a flaw, because it is trying for you just to be beautiful and desirable. But the only thing is that you should not give decorative cosmetics directly, unless you know exactly the reaction of your wife and her favorite brand.
Electronic or paperback book. Well with this all is clear. For girls who love their own spiritual development — this is an ideal gift. Just choose the one that will be most interesting for her. Or simply unknown to her author, but with an interesting topic for her. And in the electronic version, the book is suitable for busy women who are inconvenient to take paper books with them when they need several different volumes in one place and so on.
Tickets for a concert or a play in the theater. Many people like to listen to music of different genres. It’s like a pleasure for the ears and just a general holiday. Maybe your wife has long wanted to attend a concert of her beloved band. Or, for example, listen to a wonderful opera from eminent singers. This also gives a certain contribution to their own development.
Appliances. For a woman who loves her family, just housewives, this option is just perfect. After all, good home appliances can facilitate work around the house, free up some time. And if it’s cooking utensils, then also raise some cooking skills and also make life easier in the kitchen. This is better to present already closer to the age of forty, showing thereby his concern for his wife and her free time.

From forty-five years and older:

At this age, a person is already a fully formed personality. Most of all at this age I want peace and love. If you and your wife have reached this age together, then you should already have an excellent relationship, when you just understand each other with a half-word, love and support. This is real happiness, but you can not even say one hundred percent that you definitely know for certain which gift to choose. Ideas end with time. Therefore, the most common and even slightly universal presents will be presented here.

A tea set. A beautiful dishware is really a useful thing for many ladies, although they often do not talk about it. From it will be pleasant to drink tea, coffee and eat cakes of own preparation. And also it will become an ornament of a dinner table and a house. The material can be any, but the porcelain looks very profitable in any setting.
Plaid, shawl or shawl. In fact, such warm things are very fond of many women. They will warm in cold weather, and will give a home comfort in any place. And such a gift will show your love for her, the desire to help and share care. And this is the most important thing for your wife. And although there is a stereotype that shawls and scarves are worn only by grandmothers, this is not so. Such a thing is truly feminine and adorning.
A trip outside the city. This is a very good gift-impression, because he gives occasion to recall the times of youth, when there were frequent hikes in the forest, evenings around the fire and interesting stories. Just send your wife back to that golden time, give her an excuse to find yourself in that place and feel young and cheerful. Indulge there, go fishing, sing songs by the fire, in general, do not lose romance ever.
Rocking chair. At the age of over fifty years, there is a great need for peace, there must be a place where you can relax in the evening. So why not buy a rocking chair for your wife? This is a comfortable seat, you can spend a lot of time in it and do whatever you want. It helps to relax perfectly all muscles, and due to rocking — quickly calm down. A great addition to the rocking chair will be a large and soft pillow.
A joint portrait. A very interesting finding is the order of the portrait. But it’s better not just to draw only a wife, but you together. And then this canvas can be hung on a prominent place in the house. It will be very nice and romantic, because this is a living reminder of your feelings for each other. And the most unusual performance of the painting on canvas, and not on paper, gives a special mood.

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