Best Gifts for 11-Year-Old Boys

11 years

A gift for a boy of 11 years should be of interest to the child, to give him joy and benefit. It is naive and pointless to assume that a rapturous delight will cause a present-toy, by the way, the most common error of parents when choosing a gift. This caution does not apply to table games and machines with control.

It is not necessary to present the child on the eleventh birthday and with money: after all, this is an «adult» present. An exception is permissible for a close circle — parents, godparents, grandparents, if the child himself asked to add a small amount to an independent acquisition of what he dreamed and what he saved money for. Being independent, the boy of this age achieves recognition of his importance, and therefore you need to take into account his interests and hobbies when choosing a gift.

Gifts for hobbies

Finding a good gift for the child’s hobbies is easy: the direct boy himself talks a lot about his desires and preferences. And the options in this category can be:

T-shirt with the logo of your favorite sports team. At 11 years old, most boys are already sick for a certain football or other club, they have an athlete-idol. Any attribute from this area will be received with delight.
Car model on the original stand. It is appropriate to give, if a teenager collects them. It is important not to miss — to choose an exclusive, which he does not yet have.
Kits for designing or gluing models of aircraft, cars and other military equipment. Young technicians will like this painstaking process, here the experience of previous years will work: for sure, Lego designers prevailed among the other gifts.
Telescope for studying stars, microscope. The future scientist, already from this age showing interest in cognition, the basics of the worlds picture, these real scientific instruments will bring true joy.
Scientific experiments. One example is the QIDDYCOME laboratory for the production of a gel-transformer for Lizunov. This set for home experiments as if specially created for young naturalists and amateurs to «shake»: as a result, you can get a substance that stretches, it becomes elastic, and even hard. Excellent induces interest in chemistry and in general, interest in science.
Synthesizer. A beginner musician or boy, who has been attentively attending music school for many years, will certainly like this gift. The synthesizer can be selected from the category of children in category 9+, and you can present an «adult» simple model of this electronic musical instrument.
A set of unusual artistic colors: for painting fabrics, pearl gouache. As an addition to the main gift in the form of an easel or a set of professional brushes will give a creative character to the presentation. Young artists will be curious to try something new and discover new creative horizons.
Game computer equipment: special interactive steering wheel, joysticks, mouse, headphones. A good option for small gamers. Choosing such a present, you need to talk with your parents the day before: not everyone is delighted with such son’s hobbies.

Sports Gifts

Sport is also a hobby, worthy and useful. If a boy has an interest in this direction by the age of 11, he must be developed. Birthday is a good reason to provide the child with quality sports equipment and to praise for the right hobby and the desire for dexterity and strength.

A set of dumbbells. Brings to sports, promotes regular support of an excellent physical form. To present a set of dumbbells better with words, how important it is for a man to have beautiful developed muscles and constantly maintain them in a tone, even despite such a young age.
A bike. A good modern model will be the occasion for the boy to get a gift to his friends.
Roller Skates. You can give, even if the birthday boy before that, never skied on them. Perhaps this gift will start a new hobby.
Uniform for the game, kimono. If the child is seriously engaged in wrestling, karate, football, hockey or another team game, devotes a lot of time to a passion, then such a gift will come in handy.

Developing games as a gift

There are many ways to develop abstract thinking, attention, logic, the communicative skills of a teenager, to teach him how to interact in a team. Table games — one of the best options, it will have a very good time at the celebration of the birthday, because in 11 years, the boy may have a lot of guests, especially friends.

A board game of the type «Activiti» or «Alias» («Say otherwise»). An interesting excursion into the jungle of a foreign or native language. The game contributes to the expansion of the vocabulary, it forms a creative look at ordinary concepts and associative thinking.
Chess, checkers, backgammon. Choosing a gift set, you need to remember that they are not intended to be a child, but not for an adult youth. The design for military or historical themes («Crusaders», «Borodino battle», etc.) is suitable here. Expensive chess is a great gift for the whole life, coaching logical and abstract thinking.
Economic board games (such as «Monopoly»). Develop entrepreneurial skills, form the right attitude to money. A good budget gift.

Stylish «adult» gifts

The search for what to give a boy for 11 years, exclude frankly children’s topics, because the culprit of the celebration refers itself to the young men. So you can safely give modern gadgets for a computer or phone, things «like a dad»:

Stylish fashionable backpack. It will be useful in school, leisure, and sports life.
Laptop, tablet. A good qualitative model of these modern gadgets will significantly raise the boy’s authority among peers, which is important for a boy at 11 years old. But the parents will face the task of instilling in the boy the understanding that this is not a trendy toy, but a subject of business use, which is necessary first of all for study.
Smartphone. Choose a good, adapted for children option. An experienced consultant will easily select the phone with the optimal characteristics for comfortable child use.

«Magic» gifts

The arsenal of modern souvenir gifts is rich: a lot of unusual, truly fabulous items can be presented to a boy at age 11 who, with all his desire to grow up, continues to believe in miracles:

Tablet for drawing with water. With him, even a beginner will feel like a talented artist.
A mug-chameleon with a cartoon drawing or a name inscription. A young lover of jokes will be delighted with the new exclusive cup.
Mini-planetarium («Northern Hemisphere», «Starry Sky», etc.). Present is enchanting, practical and functional. He will entertain the child, expand his horizons in the field of physics and astronomy.


It is known that children’s emotions are brighter and stronger than in adults. An unforgettable memory for a boy of 11 years will be a mini-trip, a trip, visiting an interesting place. To carry out this venture it is possible and on the birthday itself, and after, having presented on the holiday a certificate or entrance tickets. The main thing is that the child should make the choice. It can be:

Hike to the water park / dolphinarium / oceanarium. This option will please all children without exception. An active and agile boy in 11 years, this adventure will be remembered for a long time.
Excursion to the planetarium. Suitable for a quiet boy, prone to cognitive activity. If the family budget allows, for the company the child can take friends.
Going to bowling. Well suited as an option, how to celebrate the birthday itself. Such a holiday will impress the guests and the birthday party for a long time.
Mini-tour in the go-carting center. Boys, inclined to automotive subjects, will have to taste a breathtaking adventure, especially if you give the chance to compete in a race race.
Drive to the riding center. A good idea for a family tradition, and for a boy, if riding for the first time — a vivid impression for life.

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