Birthday Gift Ideas: Boys Aged 16, 17 Years

Birthday Gift Ideas: Boys Aged 16, 17 Years

Sixteen to seventeen years of age for a guy is very controversial, but at the same time it’s a great time when the boy gradually begins to turn into a young man. The first independent decisions, the first serious love, the first temptations, disappointments and victories — in general, all that is remembered for every person for life. Accordingly, a gift for a guy aged 16-17 should also be memorable and original, although it is not so easy to choose the right thing, because at that age the preferences of the birthday person can change at an incredible speed. So, what can be presented for the birthday of a young man in the prime of life?

Gifts from relatives

The holiday, when yesterday’s kid becomes an adult and independent, for the people closest to him is both sad and joyful at the same time, that’s why they, of course, want to make a beloved son, grandson and nephew a really good gift. What are the variants of presents from relatives that are best suited for such a solemn event?

Money. Cash — this is exactly what most modern young people lack, so any young man will probably be delighted with the cherished envelope or credit card. Of course, the amount should be quite impressive, so that the birthday boy could make himself a gift, which he will have to taste.
Mobile gadget. The young generation is simply impossible to imagine without modern mobile gadgets. Moreover, according to statistics, 30% of guys dream to receive as a gift for the next birthday just some fashionable, functional technical novelty — tablet, iPhone or smartphone.
Jewel. Ornaments from precious metals are very good, useful and at the same time a memorable gift to a guy for 16-17 years. It can be a gold chain, on which you can hang a cross, a bracelet or a gold ring (the so-called signet). If a young man adheres to a certain style in clothes, you can present him with some piece of silver. Another good present from this category is a beautiful, fashionable wrist watch.
Clothing. Despite the fact that garments are considered truly «female» gifts, young guys who always strive to impress the opposite sex will also be happy with the appearance of a new fashion thing in their wardrobe. For example, a serious young man who is going to enter a prestigious university, a quality men’s suit with a tie will be very useful. In addition, you can present a birthday gift certificate in a good store of youth clothing, where he can independently choose the right thing.
Tourist trip. Adolescence is the period of the greatest activity and riot of hormones, when you really want to experience new, vivid emotions and impressions. Well, what can be more interesting and exciting than a tourist trip to one of the European countries or at least to Egypt or Turkey? In addition, she will be a wonderful rest before a busy period of graduation and preparation for university entrance.
Extreme entertainment. Almost all young people simply love extreme entertainment, so you can pay him a gift certificate for a jump with a parachute, banjo-jumping, flying in an airtube, on a hang-glider, etc.

Gifts from a beloved girl

As already mentioned above, the 16-17-year-old age for a young man is the time of the first serious relationship with the opposite sex. Of course, on his birthday every guy will be just happy to get a good gift from his girlfriend. How to choose the right gift? The ideal option is a useful and original thing that a young person can always carry with him (or at least use it regularly), while remembering about his beloved.
Gifts with a photo. A very good variant of a gift is to choose a good joint photo and order a case for a smartphone, a cup or a T-shirt with the corresponding image in the corresponding company. And it is original, and memorable, and romantic!
Twin things. Paired gifts are good because they can be a real romantic ritual. The most common variant of such a presentation is key rings or pendants that represent two halves of the same heart, but in modern online stores you can find more original and unusual things.
Accessories for shower. A warm bath with foam is an ideal remedy, and if the procedure is accompanied by some interesting accessory given by a beloved girl, it will bring much more pleasure. Such accessories can include, for example, a shower radio, an LED nozzle, a sea wave projector and much more.
Sports gifts. Many guys in 16-17-year-olds are fond of sports, so for sure they will be happy to receive as a gift some appropriate accessory: wristbands, a stylish bag, running gloves and other similar things.
Means of personal hygiene and perfumery. An excellent gift option for guys who carefully follow themselves. If funds permit, you can buy high-quality, expensive cologne or a set of perfume and shaving aids.
Gifts with your own hands. To beautifully congratulate your boyfriend on his birthday, it is not necessary to buy a gift in the store. The original present can be made with your own hands — it can be self-cooked soap, a box for discs in the technique of decoupage, a frame for photos, decorated with coffee beans or seashells and much more.

Gifts from friends

Psychologists say that it is in the 16-17 years that a real man’s friendship is born — exactly the one that remains with a man for life, that’s why the birthday of a young guy certainly will not do without the congratulations and presents of the closest friends. Below we will consider several options for gifts that his buddies can present to a teenager.
Computer accessories. Friends of this gamer or a beginner programmer probably know about what computer accessories as a gift will suit him to taste. The choice here is very, very great, starting with special gaming mice and original flash drives and ending with a flexible wireless keyboard and «fancy» headphones.
Funny gifts. In adolescence, their own birthday is perceived solely as a cheerful and joyful holiday, so a comic gift from friends is exactly what the young guy will most likely like. In this case, you can choose either a universal gift (for example, a flying alarm clock) or a thing that will correspond to the main hobbies of the birthday person: the boxer will like a small table pear, a skateboarder — a so-called fingerboard, or a desktop skateboard, a computer technician — a mug of the original form, heated from USB and much more.

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