Gift Ideas for the Guys in Your Life


A gift to a guy depends on how long your relationship lasts. When you are at the stage of tender meetings, warm meetings, when there is nothing more serious, you should not give expensive gifts, but if your relationship has crossed the line and got some responsibility, then the gift should become a real symbol of your strong love. What we can give a guy, we will describe below.


Accessories are customary to give not only to girls, for guys, too, have their accessories that emphasize their individuality. Therefore, when answering the question «what to give to a guy», feel free to choose for him some fashionable element suitable for his style.

A bracelet. Bracelets, oddly enough, give the man even more masculinity. Of course, these are not girlish color bracelets, but stylish, refined bracelets, more often chains, but can be in another version, for example, from natural leather or stones.
Medallion. The medallion on the chest of a man usually always means something. If your friend does not yet have a locket, then give it to him, it will mean what kind of warmth you take to your relationship. In addition, the medallion is a very stylish decoration.
Trinket. The key ring is needed not only for beauty and convenience. Such a thing as a keychain is very practical — it’s much more difficult to lose a key or to mix it with some other similar key.
Clock. If the guy does not believe in signs, then you can safely give a watch. The main thing is that you choose a gift for a guy with warmth, love, the thought of how he will be happy to have such a watch.

Subscriptions, certificates, tickets

Such gifts, as various subscriptions, certificates — are good for all occasions. Because, the person receiving the certificate, in the right to the end himself choose his gift. But before choosing this option, think about what else you can give a guy such that most of all will reflect your attitude towards him.

Certificate in the tattoo parlor. Tattooing in our time is not a cheap pleasure, so if your guy really wants a tattoo, then the certificate in the tattoo parlor will be an excellent gift for him on some holiday.
Subscription to the gym. What can you give a guy who is sensitive to his health and appearance? Such a gift, like a subscription to the gym, has long ago not been considered a hint of excess weight. Since it is fashionable and useful to have a beautiful body in a gym, well, in combination, to have a beautiful body!
Romantic dinner. Romantic dinner, smoothly flowing into a romantic night — in any situation, an ideal gift for a guy. In this case, it’s difficult to do something wrong. Therefore, we advise you to take note of this gift option.
Football tickets. Practically every guy has his hobbies in sports — whether football, basketball or anything else. Get the tickets for the match of your favorite team (any of interesting) your guy, and he will be very grateful to you.

Other ideas

This section contains options that can also be used as a gift for a guy. They are completely different, but equally suitable as a gift to a guy in a given situation.

If you want to give a gift for some not very significant date, then as a gift a nice sweetshot or a T-shirt with a picture of some cartoon character is quite suitable. Such a gift will come out with humor and warmth.
Book. What to give a guy if he likes to read, it’s easy to answer — why not give him a good book in the genre that he prefers. The book is a source of knowledge, and therefore it is always considered a good gift. Just do not give useless books, such as: «100 dishes of garlic», it is better to stop your choice on the popular bestseller or men’s encyclopedia, for example, about cars.
Perfume. Any girl loves the smell of her man. It’s an excellent occasion to pick up a smell for him. But, in this case, the taste of the guy, of course, should be taken into account, too. By the way, many men love, when their women pick up fragrances for them.
A toy. All the guys in the shower are young children, seeing the plane on the radio control, they are ready to immediately rush and play with him until you need to go to work / school. Therefore, with pleasure, give your boy toys, but only «more serious» (as no longer a child) — radio-controlled models, robocopics, etc., or maybe it will be a disk with some modern computer game, such as World Of Tanks and other
Video or photo greeting. Record a funny video on your video about your feelings for your boyfriend, or make a slide show of your photos under beautiful music. It can be like your shared photos, and a photo of a guy from his life during your relationship. From such a gift, no guy can stand.


Of course, any guy is somehow interested in electronics, so anything from this series will be an excellent gift to the guy. Select the specific thing based on your boyfriend’s preferences and what he already has.

EBook. Again, if your boyfriend is a reading lover, but he does not have much free time for him, give him an e-book so that he can take it with him and read at any time: on his way to work, in line, during breaks, e.
Digital photo frame. Buy a gift for a guy digital photo frame, upload a pair of your photos and a couple of photos together. So you will know for sure that you are always with him. And he will admire you in the photo always when passing the frame.
Subwoofers. Any man loves loud music in the car. Therefore, if your boyfriend has it, the subwoofers will be an excellent gift for enhancing the sound. The sharpness of the car with the subwoofer increases at least twice!
Navigator. No matter how well your guy knows the roads, there are situations when you have to look for unknown places, the navigator will be an excellent assistant in this matter.
DVR. DVR is a useful and necessary thing. It helps to capture all the most absurd, interesting, surprising and important moments that occur on the road during the journey. Therefore, the registrar is an excellent gift for the guy.

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