Gift to brother for a wedding


Agree that the most common wedding gift is money. Many believe that money is always necessary for everyone. In general, this, of course, is true, but when it comes to the wedding of a loved one, one does not want to give banalities. So, what to give to his brother for the wedding, so that the surprise was original, memorable, preferably exclusive?

Joint hobby

Choosing a gift for a wedding celebration, you must follow the interests of the groom and the bride, because you will congratulate the young family, that is, two people who live the same hobbies.

For connoisseurs of tea. If the newlyweds turned out to be lovers of this tart, invigorating, fragrant drink, present them as a gift a set for a tea ceremony, supplemented with a package of elite, expensive tea. You can buy such a souvenir in a specialized store.
Underwater themes. The bride and groom are fond of fish and dream of an aquarium? Fulfill their dream: give the young not only the aquarium, but also all the necessary accessories for its arrangement, of course, do not forget about the live fish. Beat a surprise: tell me that you agreed with the goldfish so that she would fulfill all the desires of the bride and groom. Fortunately, everything you need to organize a beautiful aquarium in the house can also be obtained at specialized pet stores.
Gifts for outdoor activities. A young couple can not imagine their life without traveling, outdoor activities? Help the lovers spend more time together — give them two sports bicycles. Make a note of fun in the souvenir: order bikes with original decor.

Original and non-trivial

We offer to consider a few more original options as a congratulation brother at the wedding:

A real flight in a hot air balloon. It will be better if until the last moment the bride and groom will not suspect what awaits them. But remember that you can order such a surprise only if you are sure that the young are not afraid of heights and will agree to climb into the sky. In extreme cases, you can hand them a certificate for the flight, but it’s better, still, to please them on the holiday.
Relax in the SPA-center or in the sauna. Undoubtedly, all the pre-holiday fuss takes away a lot of strength, energy and even health. Give young people a certificate for one day of rest in the SPA center or in the sauna. Believe me, this day will be remembered to them, as the happiest in their life.
Tickets for a concert of your favorite band. Unforgettable surprise will be for the newlyweds tickets for the concert of their beloved band. Try to get tickets to the best places in the hall. If your favorite artist performs in another city, consider this option: book tickets in both directions, book a hotel room. Well, what’s not a honeymoon?
Horse riding. If the bride and groom love and know how to ride horses, give them a walk on these magnificent animals and arrange a photo session there.
Festive salute. If you know that fireworks for the wedding are not ordered, eliminate this mistake and as a festive surprise, provide young and guests with a fabulous salute. And if you want your gift to be romantic and tender, then order the bride’s salute from the butterflies. Intrigue them with a gift during the congratulatory word, and then open the box and enjoy the happy faces of the bride and groom. You can also beautifully beat the dance of the young: during their waltz, guests form a circle and each one lets out a butterfly from a small box. It looks very impressive!
Certificate as a gift. Quite a simple gift — a certificate for the purchase of something — you can beat very original. Fold the certificate in the form of a scroll and put it in a basket with fruits, champagne, sweets.
Chest with useful things for the house. After the wedding, the young, of course, will begin to equip their family nest. And, as you know, the character and the atmosphere are given to the house by every detail. In specialized stores where home decor is presented, find a chest in the old style and fill it with things necessary for home: mugs, towels, books.
A trip abroad. If you have the financial means, surprise the bride and groom with a trip to warm countries.

Inexpensive, but tasteful

Photosession as a gift. Let the young people appreciate every minute they spend together. To do this, just give them a certificate to visit the photo studio.
Horseshoe for luck. Give the newlyweds a real horseshoe for happiness. You can order such a miracle in a specialized company. Any metal can be used to make a horseshoe, but it is best to present a symbol of happiness from blued steel.
A gift with your own hands. Can you draw? Do you like to create? Create a gift for yourself. Buy a set of glasses and paint them as your imagination tells. Such an author’s gift will please the young for many years and will surely become a family relic. Instead of glasses you can use plates. In this case, a culinary book will be an excellent addition to the original dishes.
Gifts for the rest. Is the bride and groom enjoying outdoor recreation? Create them the maximum comfort for this: hammock, barbecue, badminton, ball.
For breakfast in bed. And this gift simply obliges young people to start each morning with a romantic breakfast in bed. A small table, two cups, two saucers, of course, a Turk for fragrant coffee.
For lovers of the bath. If young people like hiking in the bath, give them two bathing sets: bathrobes, towels, hats. Add originality to the surprise: replace the gowns with a kimono.

Choose a gift correctly

Each souvenir should first of all be appropriate, for example, you do not need to give bulky items if the young family lives in a rented apartment.
When choosing a gift, consider the wishes and interests of both the bride and groom. Remember that you are handing a souvenir to a family, not a specific person.
Many people are tormented by the question: how expensive is the gift for the wedding? Of course, you do not need to save on your sibling, but if you are embarrassed financially, just remember one rule. The cost of the gift should cover the expenses of the newlyweds for one guest. Calculate the approximate amount that the bride and groom spent on one guest, based on this, calculate the price of the gift.

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