Gift ideas for grandfather


What to give to my grandfather? Grandpa is a special person in our life, we do not communicate with him so often, but he is still especially dear to us. He taught us a lot in his childhood, when his parents left him at his home. You can not forget your grandfather, you need to remember him, take care and love. It will not be superfluous if from time to time, not necessarily even on some important occasion, we will make it pleasant for him to give gifts for memory. Any gift to the grandfather should be chosen / made with a soul and love.

Gifts for the soul

Gifts for the soul are needed so that in old age the grandfather does not feel lonely, as often happens, so that he knows that the relatives are near, they remember and love him. Be sure to give such gifts together with warm kind words, a smile, and hugs.

Conversation. If your grandfather lives alone, then sometimes he does not have enough communication. Give your grandfather a couple of hours of live chat over a cup of tea. During a good conversation you can learn about each other as much as possible, perhaps, you can not find out for life.
Portrait. Order or draw a portrait for your grandfather. This gift can really touch and enthrall, because such gifts are infrequent and maybe you will be the first who will so delight.
Check-in to the sanatorium. To cure your health, rest, breathe fresh air to your grandfather certainly will not hurt, but will only benefit. He will certainly be happy to receive such a gift.
Fishing. If your grandfather is still full of vitality, then, most likely, he likes such man’s entertainment as fishing. Arrange yourself and him a great weekend, go fishing together, have a good rest and get a lot of fun from the day together.
Elite cane. At any age, every self-respecting man should have such a thing that will distinguish him among others. Let his grandfather at his age it will be a cane. She will not only give him some status, but will also be an excellent assistant for a walk, because you can rely on her. In addition to the cane, buy a nice man’s hat for Grandpa.
Medal. Your grandfather lived a great life, for which he deserved your recognition. Give grandfather a sham medal or a cup with an engraving such as «the best grandfather», «great grandfather», «for life’s courage and love for grandchildren,» etc.


As trite as it sounds, but grandfather also needs certain accessories. In addition, with the help of accessories you can create an image of a stylish grandfather, because «what our years», and look stylish and even young can be at any age. Therefore, such a gift to the grandfather is simply necessary.

Case for glasses. If the grandfather’s glasses are already there, then they need an equally stylish case. Choose for this grandfather this indispensable attribute, simultaneously, convenient for storage and carrying with itself.
Glasses. In the elderly, vision deteriorates, glasses become a necessity. But it is not
an occasion to wear bulky ugly eyepieces, present grandfather with sophisticated glasses in a fashionable frame, old age — not an occasion to wither.
Cufflinks. All self-respecting men use cuff links. It’s stylish, fashionable and comfortable. Give your grandfather cute cufflinks to complete the image of a business grandfather.
Tie. Probably, your grandfather still visits various museums, concerts, well, or just family holidays. For such a case, give him a beautiful tie that fits his shirt so that his grandfather looks younger and more businesslike.
Tie clip. In addition to the tie, you can give a beautiful clasp that will decorate the grandfather’s tie. You can make it to order with some memorable symbolism. Such an accessory always attracts attention and leaves pleasant impressions as a person who has his own style and taste.

Other useful gifts

There are a couple of options that you can give your beloved grandfather. These are practical and necessary gifts that will definitely help your grandfather.
Phone. For a long time the oldest generation started using mobile phones. After all, it’s convenient, call the hospital or children, grandchildren. If your grandfather does not have a phone, it will be a good gift. Grandpa does not need to buy an expensive smartphone with a touch screen
it is better to buy a convenient and easy to use with large buttons and a wide screen.
Rocking chair. You can spend a carefree old age in a cozy rocking chair, if your grandfather still does not have this, this is the reason to give it. This chair can be placed both in the house, for reading newspapers, and on the porch of the cottage, for summer holidays.
A set of gear. In the topic of fishing, if your grandfather — an avid fisherman, then just give him a set of gear or spinning, before specifying what he already has at the moment. Grandfather will not only be pleasant, but this gift is also useful. In addition, spending time on vacation, he will always remember you with a kind word.
Felt boots. Valenki — an excellent gift, the warmest practical comfortable shoes in the winter, especially for the elderly. From such a gift your grandfather will definitely not refuse, and such a gift will be useful both to the villagers and to the city dwellers. After all, now felt boots are increasingly included in our everyday life, so this gift to your grandfather will be very handy.
Hammock. Elderly people like anyone else need more time to spend in the open air, as this is very useful for their health. A hammock can also be hanged from a grandfather at the dacha. That’s how he will serve as an excellent gift for keeping his grandfather in good shape. It’s more enjoyable to spend time in the street in silence with the singing of birds, under the breeze of the wind, quietly swaying in a cozy hammock than sitting in front of the TV in a stuffy apartment.

Gifts by own hands

When you think about what to give to your grandfather, you should come up with the idea of ​​a gift made by yourself. Such a gift is easy to make, it does not require large expenses and, in general, is very pleasant. What gift can you make to your grandfather yourself?

Card. On some not very significant holiday, you can make a beautiful postcard, with the help of cardboard, paper, scissors, glue and other various stationery. A postcard can be given as an independent present, and as a part of a gift.
The casket. Of course, the grandfather of the casket is needed not for jewelry, but, for example, as a first aid kit or for storing important trifles — keys, medals, documents. You can fully execute the casket yourself, or you can buy a ready-made frame and decorate it yourself.
A scarf. Such gift to the grandfather, as a bow, pocket or neck scarf can be decorated with embroidered initials of the grandfather, or it is possible to decorate a handkerchief embroidered patterns, colors, symbols.
Cover for glasses. Make a personal cover for your grandfather with his initials and holiday symbols. Such a gift grandfather will never forget, because he will use it daily.

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