50th Birthday Gifts For Men

50th Birthday Gifts For Men

The fiftieth birthday of a close man, colleague or acquaintance is a special, significant date. This holiday is usually celebrated on a grand scale, inviting all friends and relatives to the celebration, so each guest immediately starts thinking about what to give to a man for 50 years. It should be noted that the issue of choosing a presentation in this case is not at all easy, because trifles like slippers, shaving sets and statuettes do not fit here. On a golden jubilee, you need to choose serious, status gifts that will match this wonderful date — that’s exactly what we’ll talk about below.

Gifts from the family

Who can congratulate the «golden» hero of the day better than his beloved family? Domestic people and close relatives of the originator of the celebration are well aware of his tastes and preferences, so making the right choice is not difficult for them. So, what gift to the man for 50 years can present the most native people to him?

Jewelry. Real «men’s» jewelry (watches, cufflinks, tie pins, chains) — a perfect gift for any significant date, including the fiftieth anniversary. Since the age of the jubilee is already quite solid, then the jewelry should be appropriate: at least gold with semiprecious or precious stones.
Mobile devices and electronics. Absolutely all men, from teenagers and students to respectable businessmen, are very fond of various electronic devices and mobile gadgets. It can be a new mobile phone, an e-book, a camera, a mini-TV or some accessories for a car: a DVR, a GPRS navigator, etc. — close anniversary heroes probably know what he dreams about most.
Memorable gifts. The overwhelming majority of representatives of the stronger sex, who have reached the age of 50, are loving husbands, fathers, and sometimes grandfathers. Therefore, for a «golden» anniversary, a large, friendly family may well present a family portrait to their native man, specially written for such a case, or even order a set of matryoshkas with the faces of all those close to them.

Gifts from friends

Having passed a certain life boundary, a person already knows perfectly well the price of a real, faithful male friendship, so at the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary the old friends of the birthday boy are expensive, honorable guests. Of course, for their part, they also should respect it with a suitable presentation.
Household items. Good, true friends in our life exist precisely in order to make it a little better, warmer and more comfortable, not only with the help of their support, but also with the help of appropriate gifts for the name-day. «Golden» jubilee for sure will have a rocking chair, an electric fireplace with a flame effect, an ionizer of air and other household items, and a bachelor can be presented with a robot vacuum cleaner, a coffee maker or even a dishwasher.
Weapons and fishing gear. Such a present is sure to please the birthday boy, who in his free time is fond of fishing and hunting. True, it should be noted that collector sabers, daggers or high-quality knife sets like any man, because the craving for weapons is laid by the stronger sex at the level of instincts.
Country accessories. A man at the age of fifty years can already afford to devote time not only to his career and work, but also to his favorite hobbies: for example, work in the suburban area. Therefore, a gift for a man on the 50th anniversary may well be related to work or rest in the country: a good brazier, a home smoker, a set of garden furniture or a hammock.
Accessories for tourists. There are a lot of lovers of hiking, tourism or just «raids» on nature among men of solid age, and if your anniversary is among them, give him the appropriate present. It can be a set of good, quality suitcases, a tent, a set for a shish kebab, a good thermos, etc.

Gifts from colleagues

Colleagues invited to a «golden» jubilee to their boss or simply a senior work colleague usually find themselves in a rather difficult situation, because their gifts should not only be statutory, but also meet certain standards of etiquette. So, what kind of presents can be attributed to this category?
Books. The book has always been considered a very good, universal gift for any holiday. For the fiftieth anniversary it will be necessary to choose some beautiful, collector’s edition that will correspond to the preferences of the birthday man: a collection of his favorite writer’s works, an album with reproductions for those who are interested in art, books about weapons, cars, etc.
Office tools. Businessmen and managers of their subordinates and colleagues can present good, quality office supplies — for example, organizers made of natural wood, branded pens, stylish diaries in leather binding or a leather folder for documents with a monogram.
Art objects. Souvenirs — one of the most common options for gifts for any birthday, but for a fifty-year anniversary they are not very suitable. Therefore, if guests want to make a birthday person, so to speak, an «aesthetic» gift, then you have to choose something more solid: a beautiful picture, a designer souvenir or some antique thing.
Collectible gifts. If the birthday boy is an avid collector, you can give him a copy for his collection. In addition, any man will really like unusual weapons, as well as rare varieties of tea or coffee.

Creative gifts

Speaking of gifts for the fiftieth anniversary, we can not fail to mention a very fashionable trend to date — gifts-impressions. These are gift certificates for any services or adventures, from ordinary massage sessions to flying on a hang glider or in an airtube. Such a gift can be a good option for a birthday person, but his choice should be taken very carefully. For example, extreme adventures of jumping with a parachute or banjo jumping are not enough for every respectable man, so it’s better to choose something neutral: a certificate for wine tasting, a real tea ceremony, a master class on shooting, some interesting excursion or a master class .

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