Birthday Gifts Ideas for Friend


What should I give to a friend on my birthday? Quite a difficult question, on the one hand, like you know him well and you can easily choose a gift, and on the other — for all the time of your friendship, you probably already handed him a bunch of different gifts. In this article we will try to tell you a couple more new options for you gift.


Gadgets occupy a huge place in our lives, whatever one may say, but they are necessary. Why not take advantage of this and not give a friend for a birthday some kind of device, such as a navigator or tablet?

A navigator is an excellent gift to his friend on his birthday, if he has a car in his use. There are always situations when you need to learn an unfamiliar route, this is where the gift comes in handy, in addition, it is convenient to find the shortest and convenient way with it.
DVR. Another useful thing in the car — DVR. It will allow you to capture the most interesting, as well as important moments during a trip, for example, in case of an accident.
Frame. In the role of a memorable gift, you can give a digital photo frame, with already uploaded to it with your shared photos, his personal or any other that you consider important to your friend.
Player. Modern life does not seem to be without music, so the player will be a wonderful gift for your friend, on the road, at home and maybe even at work, he will please him. Music makes our life brighter and more fun, so together with the player you will give a little happiness to a friend.
Robot. The world of modern technology allows you to use even in the everyday life of different robots, why not give your friend on the birthday of some funny and useful iron creature, usually guys like these things.
Smart clock / alarm clock. Also from the category of high technology, you can note a smart alarm clock that can fly or wake your friend in all sorts of creative ways.

Simply pleasant gifts

There are a couple of options that you can give to a friend on your birthday. Approach the choice of a gift with imagination, if this is your best friend, he will accurately appreciate all the humor or depth of the gift.

Collage. You can give a birthday a sweet collage consisting of various sweets: sweets, chocolate, bars, etc. Usually, each item has the name of some pleasant property or quality that symbolizes the wish of a friend, for example, the juice «Good» or for example with the candy «Brighter» you can make a wish «Let your life be» Brighter «.»
Concert tickets. Overdoing, your friend has music preferences, so that tickets for a favorite performer’s concert will be an excellent birthday present for him. For one thing, if your tastes match, and you can get a lot of positive emotions.
T-shirt. A great gift can be a T-shirt with a print. It can be anything — different inscriptions, for example, his name, or your co-photography, a picture of a funny cartoon character and much more.
A party. Arrange for your friend on his birthday mega cool party. If possible, order performers, prepare a dinner party, create a full holiday atmosphere.


It’s always good to have a rest, and it’s even better to spend an active time with a beloved friend on his birthday. There are a lot of options, as you can have a good rest. To do this, you can give your friend one of the means for active pastime.

Bungee jumping. There is such a wonderful variant of extreme sports and at the same time, rest, as jumping. It is a jump from a bridge on an elastic cable. Check how things are with your friend’s nerves.
A bike. One of the most beautiful means for a cheerful rest is a bicycle. Ride with a friend in a warm weather outside the park or along forest paths is very interesting and pleasant. In addition, it is also a very useful activity — riding a bicycle.
Skates. Skates are an excellent gift, and even in this one option there is a choice — to give roller or figure skates. It depends on what your friend prefers or on what kind of skates he may already have.
Tickets for the quest. Now it’s very fashionable to go through various quest-rooms, why not visit one of these with your friend or even the whole company ?! Get tickets for the most interesting quest — it will even more bring you closer.

Photo Gifts

In the modern world, photo gifts are very common, it is always original, interesting and for many years. Therefore, giving your friend for a birthday something from this list, you definitely will not lose with the choice.

Collage. One of the fotopodarkov can serve as an original collage of your joint and his personal photos. Your friend will appreciate such a memorable gift, because he, undoubtedly, accurately indicates a close and warm friendship.
PHOTOSESSION. Also, you can present a photo session to a friend with a professional photographer. Such a gift will not be superfluous, does not lie on the shelf, because good pictures are needed by everyone, they keep a good memory for many years.
Poster. Order for your friend a huge poster with his photo and with warm wishes that she was, if not all, half the wall and long reminded of what he has a wonderful friend.
Video. Another universal and good gift can be video congratulation. You can record everything that your imagination will suffice for, for example, you can write a group greeting to all friends of the birthday person or even ask strangers to say a few kind words to your friend.

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