Gift for a girl of 9 years old


To choose a gift to a girl for 9 years sometimes becomes a real test, because very few people remember themselves at that age. And what lives today’s children in general is sometimes a mystery.
At the age of 9, children are very different from each other: someone is still dreaming about a doll house, and someone does not need anything other than modern gadgets. If the birthday is already on the nose, and you have not decided on the gift, we offer a selection of ideas of presents for the 9-year-old girl.

Future ladies:

Nine years is the threshold of adolescence. Girls already form their tastes, show interest in their appearance, try to stand out and be original. In this case, selected special gifts:
Cosmetics. Of course, it’s not about powder and blush. The growing girl needs to instill the basics of caring for herself, so give her hair care and body care kits, hand cream and fragrant soap, shower gel and foam bath bombs. By the way, soap and bombs can be bought in the shops Handmade — there is always something very fun with an unusual design and just with a stunning scent.
Ornaments. The rising generation is very popular rubber and neon bracelets, pendants with images of your favorite cartoon characters and serials. As a more expensive gift, you can present neat gold earrings or a chain. Do not forget about the jewelry for the hair: hoops, scallops, hairpins. Only this should be full-fledged «adults», perhaps metal barrettes with crystals.
Clothes and shoes. Such gifts can only be given only knowing the size and tastes of the birthday girl. Therefore, the most reasonable solution will be a certificate to a children’s store. But the bath set (dressing gown and soft slippers) does not require fitting.
Accessories. Fashion handbags of unusual shape or with images of favorite heroes, cosmetic bags, unusual mirror, neck scarves and scarves, gloves (even leather «biker» without fingers), umbrellas with an unusual print — all this will help the girl to stand out among her contemporaries, and obviously will please her.
Notepads and notebooks, as well as all kinds of questionnaires and questionnaires. Do you think these hobbies remained in your childhood? Nothing of the kind, they just became more vivid and qualitative.

Every child at the age of 9 wants to be considered a separate person, and therefore will be unspeakably happy with gifts that will underline his «separation» and show respect for him as an independent person.
A personal set of dishes. So that there are no questions, «Who ate from my plate?», Give the girl a set (a plate, a saucer, a cup, a spoon, a fork, a knife) with not too childish image: Teddy bear and Hello Kitty will do, Luntik is gone.
A set of bed linen. Each growing princess should have her own royal bedroom. 9 years is not an age for children’s prints. Stop your attention to the more traditional pastel shades, perhaps with ruches (if the girl is really a princess), or on saturated and dark, if the daredevil grows up.
Lamp. The light creates a unique atmosphere in the room, so a table lamp with an unusual lampshade, a lava lamp, a luminescent picture or a projector of the starry sky will be accepted with a bang!
Furniture. Of course, to give something bulky without the knowledge of the parents is not worth it, but the drop chair or ottoman-transformer will not take much place, and the girl will be pleased. The same applies to the easel / slate. In consultation with the parents, you can give a dressing table.

Little needlewomen

Almost all girls are interested in this or that kind of creativity, whether it’s painting, music or weaving figurines from rubber bands. In stationery stores and in specialized departments for needlework, you can always pick up materials and preparations for crafts.
Patterns of soft toys. The set includes patterns (sometimes even with ready-made holes for the needle), filler for the toy, threads and all sorts of glazes, spouts and what else you might need.
Molds for modeling. It can be plaster, or plasticine mass with a mold. Usually in the set are applied paint for the painting, and sometimes magnets, to hang the craft on the refrigerator.
Paintings. Let it be, for example, a set of canvas with a ready image and paints for painting, billets for laying out paintings by paillettes, embroidery with beads or ribbons. If a girl can embroider a cross or smooth, you can also present such sets as a gift.
Sets for creating jewelry and jewelry for hair. She has grown up and will be much more interested in working with glass (or at least «under glass») beads and crystals, so refuse the usual plastic sets. You can also present silicone glue and a «gun» to it.
Rubbers for weaving. This entertainment whirlwind burst into our country and conquered boys and girls of all ages. The Internet is full of videos on how to weave bracelets and figurines from rubber bands, as well as advice on the choice of materials, machines and hooks. If you noticed the birthday girl bracelets made of rubber bands on her hands — feel free to give her such a set.
Unusual materials. Color paper — it’s corny, and not a gift. But sets of corrugated, metallized or velvet paper will delight the young needlewoman. Also now you can find a paper with unusual prints and embossing, which is very necessary for scrapbooking. Also, do not bypass the sets for quilling and all kinds of small details, which you can decorate crafts (miniature keys, hearts, starfish, etc.).

Young Professionals

Most parents try to discover the interests and abilities of their little princesses and give them to all sorts of circles. Here is another sphere in which your gift can turn out to be very useful, the main thing is to know in advance what the birthday girl is up to.
For artists. Give a set of professional paints and brushes — for a young artist they are never enough. Special thanks to you for a small easel.
For musicians. Beautiful note notebooks, a qualitative bow and rosin to it, in fact, musical instruments, a microphone — all this will be enthusiastically accepted by genuinely enthusiastic geniuses.
For dancers. New sports leggings or a bright skirt-tutu — an occasion for the pride of any girl.
For athletes. Bright bands for gymnasts, knee pads for volleyball players and kimonos for karatekas are not only pleasant, but also useful gifts. You can also give a good volleyball, tennis or badminton rackets, or even a skateboard or a snowboard.

Growing up geniuses

Every parent wants his child to be the smartest. At the age of 9, only a few who are really destined to become geniuses show a keen interest in learning more than just the school curriculum. But you can instill a love for knowledge in a simpler way — with the help of developing games and modern gadgets.
Board games. Undoubtedly, this is the bestsellers «Monopoly», «Scrabble» and the like. Also, do not forget about chess and backgammon (these games just incredibly contribute to the development of intelligence), and take care of the beautiful design of these games.
Puzzle and puzzles. Someone just adores everyone with the usual puzzles (for a thousand elements, where only the sea and the sky), someone will be more interesting to collect a 3D puzzle, and someone will be delighted with the wooden model of the Coliseum or the Eiffel Tower. Such gifts can be purchased in children’s shops, in the departments of office supplies and in gift shops.
Books. This is an eternal gift: give encyclopedias, children’s detectives, collections of fairy tales in a beautiful and original performance. Also, the popularity of typing book coloring books and panoramas, which in no way compare with their «children’s» predecessors.
Electronic devices. Such gifts — the lot of the closest relatives and godmothers. It can be mobile phones, MP3-players, electronic readers, computer mice of unusual shape, keyboard with rainbow lighting, «dancing» music speakers. Also you can present accessories for the phone: a bright case, unusual headphones.

Still a childhood

The next few years, all kinds of toys will still be relevant. Yes, and parents should encourage the enthusiasm of their children with games, because such activities develop the child’s imagination. A well-developed imagination is one of the signs of high intelligence.
Stuffed Toys. Surely the girl has a whole detachment of all kinds of bunnies and seals. Present something original: unknown to science, but a sweet beast, a toy-pillow.
Dolls. Give preference to modern series of dolls (Bratz, Monster High, Ever After High, etc.), only in advance find out which of them the birthday girl collects. If a girl from an early age is notable for accuracy and even pedantry, you can present a china doll. A special handmade doll made in a single specimen will be a special delight. Pupsikov and cheap plastic toys do not give.
Puppet accessories. If you know exactly what dolls are fond of the birthday girl, give her a set of clothes for pupae, furniture, toy food and other means of transportation.
Unusual toys. These can be interactive «talking» toys (such as a talking hamster or Tom) or flying (fairy on a string, a butterfly in a jar). You can also give «growing» figures that need to be filled with water.

Training and Entertainment

One of the greatest achievements of our time are gift certificates, because in this way you can give a master class, and some new things, and a visit to the event. And the service sector is simply an incredible range of entertainment.
A trip around the city in a carriage. What princess will refuse such a gift! It will be even more interesting if you invite a girl and her girlfriends to dress up in old age clothes and pretend to put on hair. If the birthday girl is modern to the core, you can replace the carriage with a limousine or sigvei.
Riding Lesson. In the old days, the true lady was simply obligated to stand confidently in the saddle. Who knows, maybe one lesson will grow into a passion for all life, and equestrian sport, nevertheless, develops coordination of movements and brings up a beautiful posture.
Visit to the water park. Such a gift is a joy at any age! However, it should be coordinated with the parents, because at 9 years old children can not be released without the accompaniment of adults.
Show with dolphins. And even better, individual swimming with these cleverest mammals. This pastime will give the sea of ​​emotions!
Subscription to the pool. Both useful and pleasant. Even if the girl does not become an Olympic champion, a month of regular swimming will positively affect her growing body.
Master classes. Now many creative workshops have opened, where in 2-4 hours your birthday girl will be taught the basics of decoupage, batik, national types of painting and even help to create a unique toy or doll.

Bright accompaniment

The options that give a girl for 9 years is just a huge amount. Now it’s a little thing — it’s nice to pack everything, because at this age is still important not so much a gift as a bright «candy wrapper».
Wrapping paper. Always, well, just always wrap a gift with bright paper and decorate with a bow. Forget about all sorts of packages. Birthday is very important festive exterior of the presentation, and the naked box, even with the coolest doll, will disappoint her a little.
Balloons. The most common and most popular way to make the present even more vivid.
Postcards. Recently, postcards are not popular, but you can creatively approach this issue and make an exclusive postcard with photos of the birthday girl, or a chocolate card.
Bouquet. Flowers like almost all the fair sex, regardless of age. But why not present a bouquet of sweets or even banknotes? Just keep in mind that this is by no means an independent gift, but only accompaniment.

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