Variants of unusual gifts for the Birthday


Giving our beloved and dear people, we want not only to please, but also to add a little bit of magic to their lives. And unusual birthday gifts perfectly cope with this task. If you want your gift to be remembered for a long time, and also turned out to be in constant use (instead of getting dusty in a box), present something to everyone known and in the household that you need, but in an absolutely amazing performance. What exactly, we will prompt.

To give all kinds of sets of pots and other household items is considered not a very good form (unless it is a gift for a wedding or a housewarming party), but if it is something of an extremely unusual design, the value of such a gift will increase at times.

Breakfast table. Sometimes I so want to break all the rules and treat myself to breakfast in bed. Experience shows that such a mini-table is simply necessary in every home.
Carving set. Carving is figured carving on vegetables and fruits. With a set of such tools, your birthday girl will erect a festive table setting for art.
Unusual cushions. These can be pillows of unusual shapes or colors (for example, in the form of a log or scarlet lips), musical and even luminous. And especially inspired people can be presented with soft interior dolls or Handmade toys.
Creative lighting. In online stores now you can order nightlights, table lamps and chandeliers simply fantastic forms! For example, a night light that tries to pull itself out of the socket. Or a lamp that seems to be drowning in a nightstand. Or a chandelier that casts fabulous shadows on the walls and creates the atmosphere of a mysterious forest.
Candlesticks. Nothing so fills the house with comfort, like the light of a living fire. And with the help of unusual candlesticks, you can fill the room with an unimaginable play of chiaroscuro. And for fans of aromatherapy, you can choose a model with a capacity for essential oils.
Photo frames. You can buy frames ready made to order or make yourself. What will be unusual in the gift? Subjects and materials! For example, a photo from a sea holiday can be made into frames of marine colors and decor in the form of anchors, sea stars and shells.
Organizers. In any house there must be a bunch of things that are always necessary at hand, but can either be lost or occupy a lot of horizontal space. So why not convert it to vertical. One of the most popular gifts is an organizer for decorations in the form of a corset or a dress.
Technical accessories. Even such a rigorous and objectionable computer technique can be slightly diluted with bright details: flashcards and unusual-shaped hubs, an iridescent keyboard or «Dancing Fountains» columns.

Everything for rest

Rest on the fresh air, like nothing else, restores the strength of the body and the vigor of the spirit, and nothing prevents to carry out this restoration in the surroundings of unusual things.
Barbecue or barbecue. Such a gift in itself is already valuable, and a folding brazier in the form of a diplomat will also be extremely convenient in moving. And do not forget about all kinds of accessories: skewers, scapulas, tweezers, etc.
Hammock. This can not be called a creative gift, but with the fact that it is very unusual (because hammocks, nevertheless, not every day give), no one will argue. The same applies to tents.
Blanket with sleeves. Extremely convenient thing, by the way, not only on vacation. But on a cool evening it’s so nice to wrap yourself in a warm blanket and at the same time keep your hands free.
Food thermos. In the online store you can order a triple thermos to take with you to rest and hot first, and second, and compote.
A set of folding outdoor furniture. To arrange a feast on the ground, of course, atmospheric. But it’s much more hygienic and comfortable to sit on the chairs at the table. Modern outdoor furniture occupies very little space and is very compactly folded.
Inflatable pool. In a hot sunny day, chill in a fresh water — happiness. Present a birthday present such a gift and you will take the kids for a few hours, or you will do it yourself.

Gift certificates

With the help of this service industry achievement, you can now give anything to a birthday person.
Tickets for the event. Give your friend a certificate in quest room, tickets for an anticipated rock concert or movie. After all, so often we postpone our desires in the distant box, so help them realize their dear man.
New impressions. Flight in a balloon or even on a real airplane, a jump with a rubber band from a bridge or a parachute, a diving session, a race on the maps — so much you want to try in this life.
Master classes. To learn something new, to master different skills is always very exciting. Present the certificate for a horse riding lesson (conventional or iron), a master class on batik, decoupage or art painting.
Courses. Why not give your beloved birthday something that he so long wants: a subscription to the pool or gym, acrobatics on the pylon or courses visage. In addition to the fact that this removes a certain financial burden, it also forces a person to do something at last, and not just fantasize.
PHOTOSESSION. Thematic or mobile photo session is a great way to preserve the memory of this moment of life, and about the people that surround it. Well, a professional portfolio is just a necessity for modern business people.

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