Christmas presents


The tradition of presenting Christmas gifts with its roots goes back to the distant past, in the era of the Roman Empire, where people on this holiday gave each other sweets, ripe fruits and gold with wishes of happiness and wealth.

With the birth of Christianity, it has acquired a new meaning and is celebrated today in many countries of the world as a holiday dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ, and is among the great and most revered celebrations of the Christian calendar.

Given the solemnity and seriousness of the occasion, it is especially difficult to choose a good Christmas present, because it must carry a special message and correspond to the festive theme. In order to cope with this difficult task, it is necessary to take into account some important points.

Congratulations for the little ones

Since the children expect the most of this holiday, they should take care of their congratulations in the first place.

Traditionally they are given sweet presents from sweets, cookies and other «delicacies» on this day. In addition, they can also give soft toys. It’s better if they are figures of domestic animals: bull-calves, horses, donkeys, lambs, etc. Such nice and «cozy» presents are usually given to children in many countries of the world in memory of the first days of the Christ child, born in a manger, in a den, next to goats and sheep.

In addition, children can at this holiday to give toys, which they have long dreamed of. The machine on the radio control, the designer, the machine is the perfect gift for Christmas for the boy. Well, girls can be given such pleasant and desired:

Sets of toy dishes. This gift can be supplemented with a set of toy fruits and vegetables, from which the future hostess will prepare her «puppet treats».
Dolls with accessories and sets of clothes. Any girl will be happy with this gift. The only thing is, to select these toys better in accordance with the age of their recipient. For example, loved by many Barbie, is suitable for older girls who will be able to appreciate this gift for Christmas at its true worth. And for the representatives of the «nursery group» it is worth choosing dolls of a simpler type: pups, tumblers, etc.
Kitchenettes, cleaning kits, etc. Such interesting and entertaining sets are very popular with girls of any age.
In addition, as a gift for Christmas, children can buy interactive toys, for example, various «speakers» and «repeating», made in the form of funny little animals that can imitate human speech, sing songs and tell tales. Such a gift is suitable for both girls and boys, and will give them great pleasure. More adult children can be gifted with sets for the development of imagination and creativity, for example, for embroidering, drawing, burning or modeling.

Sweets for joy

Deciding with souvenirs for the youngest members of the family, it’s time to move on to more serious purchases, that is, gifts for relatives and friends. Here you can also adhere to a very beloved by many «sweet» themes. That is, as a Christmas present in this case, there will be all sorts of confectionery sets, sweets, cakes and other «yummy», which is an invariable attribute of this wonderful holiday.

All this gastronomic abundance can be bought in the nearest supermarket or prepared independently, having issued in accordance with the idea and themes of Christmas. For example, traditional Christmas treats are honey cakes and biscuits made in the form of stars and Christmas trees. For more adult representatives of the holiday, they can be supplemented with a bottle of good wine or cognac, which will have, by the way, to the festive table.

Nice and pleasant souvenirs for friends and acquaintances

In general, a Christmas gift for a friend or close acquaintance should not be pathos and expensive at all. Much more appropriate will be small souvenirs that have a beautiful, colorful design and complemented by postcards with wishes of health, fulfillment of desires and happiness. For example, a universal presenter, addressed to a man, can be:

The original tie clip. This stylish accessory can be handed to a friend, relative or friend who works in the office and for the most part of his time in the service of a strict business suit.
Leather card holder or cover for documents. Also very worthy of a present that a working man will like.
Flask for alcoholic beverages. A real «man’s» gift, corresponding to the nature of the holiday.
Wireless computer mice, flash drives and other devices for the computer. These presents can be given to young people who do not represent their life without functional technical devices.
Good gifts for charming ladies:

Framework for a photo. Very useful present, which will be appreciated by economic, practical women.
Silicone molds for baking. From such a gift, not one mistress will refuse, and on Christmas holidays she will have a great opportunity to «try» this acquisition in practice.
Sets for spices, pepper mills. No less useful things that will be useful in any kitchen.
Sets of bed linen, tablecloths, kitchen towels. Universal presents for all occasions, which can be given for any occasion, and in Christmas even more so.
Two-way mirror. An irreplaceable subject for beauties who pay special attention to their appearance.

Flower-post theme

Another universal option of congratulations, which is appropriate in absolutely any cases, is flowers. An excellent version of the Christmas present — Poinsettia, popularly known as the «Christmas Star» for its amazing feature to flourish precisely for this holiday.

In order for your greeting to have the greatest effect, the plant should be designed accordingly. For example, a pot with Poinsettia can be tied with tinsel and ribbons and fastened on miniature sleds, symbolizing the winter, or placed in a wicker basket and add to the composition of fir cones and other plants.

In addition, as a gift to close people, you can present beautiful postcards made by yourself. In this case it is necessary to adhere to traditional themes, taking as a basis Christmas scenes. That is, on your «masterpiece» you can picture bells, frosty patterns and other attributes of this winter holiday.

Of course, all of the above is only a part of all that you can give to such a holiday. We recommend that you watch a video from a girl who shares her impressions of the gifts she received. Perhaps something from the video you take yourself to note.

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