Best Teacher Gift Ideas


Many schoolchildren spent more time with their teachers than with their parents. All former students are well aware of the habits, gestures, characters and sympathies of teachers — they have become a part of our lives for many years. It’s time to say goodbye, but the parting should be light, kind, and a gift to the teacher at the graduation will allow him to remember his favorite class for a long time.

So, the basic parameters of the farewell gift:

  • long-term — one that will be close for many years;
  • useful — let him not dust on the shelf, but pleases the eye in the classroom or apartment;
  • delicate — a teacher, whatever you say, a stranger and give something better than neutral.

Photo Gallery

It happens that the class has really warm and kind relations with the teacher. In this case, photos of your favorite pupils for the memory will give the tutor a real pleasure. Most people (about 99%) like to see their own successful images. If you proceed from this, you can give photos, but not ordinary, but original.

Photos of graduates. A large-scale collage (wall poster) with the faces of all students, wishes and the image of a beloved teacher is a great option for a warm memoir. As an option — an electronic photo frame with uploaded images and video requests.
Image of the teacher. Here, fantasy is almost unlimited: photography — a puzzle, a photo on the glass, a picture from the photo — a more complete list can be obtained in the souvenir salon.
Please note: the picture of the teacher must be of professional quality. It can be asked from a photographer who makes graduates a vignette or ask for a favorite photo from the teacher.


Teachers with experience probably have a rather large collection of vases, figurines and paintings. But if you decided to give a souvenir — not bad, just need to show a little imagination.

Vase. Let the vase be modern, expensive and big. Believe me, size matters. To give an empty vase is corny. You can fill it with flowers, and if the vase is transparent — decorative large beads, stones or sweets. In a translucent package, this vase looks very beautiful.
Picture. Why not order a picture of the mentor himself. If you have a sense of humor — a little irony is permissible, but do not get carried away! Humor is meant to bring a smile, not offend.
Crockery set. Present is banal, but practical. The modern, expensive and beautiful dishes will be proudly displayed to guests as a present from the beloved 11th «A».

An enthusiastic teacher

There are many teachers who are genuinely passionate about their profession. If a person’s eyes are burning, when he talks about the properties of inert gases or trigonometric functions, the best gift for him is an inventory for work.
Books. A high-quality, even luxurious, edition of the most modern encyclopaedia, dictionary or a multivolume of books on the subject is the best choice for an enthusiastic teacher.
Inventory. The choice depends on the subject: a chic globe, demonstration mechanical models or a laser pointer.

If he/she has a hobby

If the teacher has a hobby, then the question of what to present to the teacher at the prom is no longer available. An enthusiastic person will most of all appreciate what will allow them to realize their interests.

Fishing rod. An inveterate fisherman will be delighted with a modern fishing rod.
Flowers. A lover of indoor plants will gratefully accept the new exotic plants in beautiful stylish pots made of natural materials.
For outdoor activities. A connoisseur of active leisure will appreciate a comfortable brazier, an inflatable boat or a tent.

Luxury gift

It happens that the possibilities of the parents of the graduates make it possible to make a dear present to the beloved mentor. There is a list of the most desired presents for this occasion. The only thing that the fashion of the 90’s: to give gold ornaments is a thing of the past-there is no desirable jewelry present in the top list.
Appliances. Wishes from teachers are the same as for all ordinary people: washing machine, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner. To buy home appliances is better without surprises, preliminary having found out personal wishes. You can present a gift certificate for a dedicated amount — the freedom of choice is always pleasing.
Travel or rest. Depends on the age and health of the teacher. A young active person will enjoy the opportunity to make a small trip to his native land. Perhaps you need a package for two. Honored teacher will enjoy the opportunity to relax in a rest house after all the troubles and hassle of graduation. It is not necessary to ask direct questions, where the teacher wants to go on vacation — you can just start a conversation about how the teacher is going to relax in the summer.

Gifts for every teacher

Often graduates give gifts to each teacher. What can you give in addition to the required colors? Although, believe me, they are always welcome and it is not always worth replacing them with something practical.
Houseplant in a beautiful pot. If the plant does not look too «presentable,» it can be beautifully packaged and decorated with balloons. Most teachers plant flowers in the study.
Photo. Photo puzzle, a small poster with memorable inscriptions, a beautiful photo in a frame.
Diary. Beautiful, unique, for example, with photographs of the teacher and class on the cover.
Vase. Without vases nowhere! It is only necessary to disguise this banal gift. Suitable packaging film, bows, balls, flowers …
The film is about the class on the disc, not too long. It is better to demonstrate it at the graduation party. What will happen in the film: photos from the 1st grade to the last call, photos with teachers, photos from different events, class awards and individual students, a video gallery of school cabinets. All this — mixed with the wishes of graduates themselves, their plans for the future. Guaranteed attention, tears and a sea of ​​emotions. The gift is very laborious, but it’s worth it.

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