Original gifts for the wedding


Presenting gifts to the newlyweds is always one of the brightest episodes at the wedding. Good words of wishes from relatives and loved ones sound, newlyweds for the first time receive gifts as one family. And, of course, I want every detail of such a landmark event to remain in my memory. For guests, it’s a pleasure to enter the history of a new family by making unusual gifts for the wedding. After all, it is necessary that the gift is both functional, original and necessary. So that, even years later, he remained in memory or continued to please the couple.

Unconventional way to donate money for a wedding

Quite often they give money to the wedding. In a sense, this is a win-win gift: a young family that is just starting to nest its nest, can dispose of the donated amount in its own way, buying exactly what is needed.
However, even money can become an original wedding gift, if you depart from stereotypes and do not give them in a traditional envelope. Variants, how to make of money an unusual gift — a mass. For example, you can donate a money carpet or a monetary tablecloth: to buy a previously bought household item with polyethylene pockets, over which to spread out the bills. An alternative option may be a cash umbrella. Just imagine: the newlyweds are handed an umbrella, they open it over their heads, and it is entirely covered with money bills on the inside.

The original gift for the wedding will also be a bunch of balloons, inside of which money is hidden. You can donate a cash chest or even a safe with money money tree to the wedding. If skills allow — such a gift can be made by yourself. If not — many craftsmen will gladly take up the order.

Emotion as a gift

If you believe that nothing material today, surprise no one, present a gift to the newlyweds emotions. Fortunately, the modern entertainment industry allows it to be done without any problems. A certificate for bright and unusual entertainment is an original gift for a wedding for those who value impressions more than things.

There is no life without risk. Excursion by helicopter, balloon flight, rafting on the river or parachute jump will suit newlyweds who prefer extreme rest.
Learning is light! If a couple likes to learn and open new horizons — give them a subscription to pair lessons in a dance school, an art or music studio — depending on the interests and preferences of the newly-made husband and wife.
For romantics. A romantic couple will be happy with the certificate for a date in an unusual place. It can be candlelight dinner, a joint trip to the spa-salon or the opportunity to relax from the wedding bustle somewhere in a country hotel on the lake just two.
Stop the moment! With the help of some gifts, you can even perpetuate the best moments of family life. For example, it can be done by presenting a certificate for a family portrait with oil or a photo session from a virtuoso photographer.

Eternal family values

The choice of a gift for a wedding is always conditioned by the interests and values ​​of the spouses. Newlyweds who honor their roots, want to know the history of their family and seek to maintain a link between generations, will love this unusual and valuable gift, such as a pedigree book or a family tree. The genealogical tree Such things are very relevant for a wedding, because, as they say, they do not marry two people, and two families. The genealogical tree, on which the newly concluded union is marked, just embodies this thought. If you chose this variant of the gift, keep in mind that the creation and design of the pedigree of the book and the tree is a lengthy and time consuming process. A gift is better to attend for a few months, perhaps even for six months.
A simpler option for a wedding can be a family diploma. In most cases, the wife takes her husband’s surname, so this gift to the wedding will be just the way. Family diploma contains information about the origin of the family name and its noble carriers. To present a family diploma to a newly-married couple is better in decorating a noble baguette. Years later, a family diploma can become a real family relic.

Do it yourself

In the modern world, almost everything is manufactured by machines, so now things are very much appreciated, made with their own hands. A handmade gift can be bought at a handmade fair, but you can do it yourself: it all depends on your needlework talents and taste. The thing made by oneself is not only an original gift, but also a sign of your love and special attitude towards the newlyweds.

Embroidered portrait. A perfect gift for the wedding will be a joint portrait, embroidered in photography. This is a very laborious and long work, but the result is always terrific.
Family amulet. If you are not ready for such monotonous work as making a portrait, you can embroider a family guard — it will take much less time.
Icon. For the believing couple an unusual and very important gift can be an icon embroidered with beads. Such an icon can even be sanctified and then it will fully correspond to religious canons.
Family hand-maid. There are many things you can do with your own hands: different decor items, cozy patchwork quilts, rag dolls with expressive characters. It remains only to gain inspiration and an unusual gift for a wedding, made by own hands, will not leave anyone indifferent.

A gift that can make laugh

A separate category of original gifts for the wedding — gifts with humor.
Linens. Cheerful and crazy newlyweds like to receive a gift of an unusual set of bed linen. For example, it could be a set with a print resembling a famous game Twister, only in this case erotic games and poses for two are supposed.
A game for two. Another idea of ​​a funny gift is a piquant game for two with cards, conditions and tasks. If the theme of the bed games seems out of place to you, you can consider other options for cool gifts.
«Double clothes». Funny and fashionable couples dressed in the style of family look, so you can present a newly married couple a family of T-shirts with funny inscriptions. If you do not like anything from ready-made sets — invent your own inscriptions, pictures and order a seal on T-shirts.

Flora and fauna

If the newlyweds are fans of flora and fauna, you can choose a plant or even an animal as a gift for the wedding. With a plant, everything is relatively simple. By itself, such a gift will be very symbolic: the young sprouts will grow with the young family, turning into a strong plant with powerful roots.

The animal requires a lot more responsibility from the couple than the plant, in addition, personal preferences play a big role. In general, if the young spouses are unanimous in their desire to have, for example, a thoroughbred puppy, you can agree on such a gift in advance and at the wedding to make the young family happy with a four-legged friend.

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