Gifts for Best Friends


Many people like to give gifts to friends. It’s one thing when you know a friend for 100 years, and another, when you met not so long ago or at a previous job, or under other circumstances. You will be concerned with the question of what to give to a friend, so that he likes it?

Is it his birthday or do you just want to surprise him without a reason? Listen to what he says, what he likes. If he likes fishing or hunting, the idea of surprises is one when he loves technique, respectively — others. Include your intuition and choose the gift that he will definitely like, and the friend does not have to make a polite face, thanks to you.


Many give symbolic presents (souvenirs), but this does not mean that the recipient will be happy with such things. More precisely, it’s not even about people, but what souvenirs you will present. What to give a friend of souvenirs to please him? Let’s look at several options:

Keychain (better unusual and necessarily qualitative). There is a part of people who collect any trifles, for example keychains of every possible variants: big and small, with marks of cars, kittens, etc. Such a keychain a friend can immediately hang on the keys or fold to others in his collection. If you hang on the keys, then, in the morning, he will remember you when he closes the apartment, like in the evening, opening it;
Print on a tea cup or T-shirt. Such a gift is inexpensive. You will find the manufacturer and order her a print for a cup or T-shirt in 1 copy or can in several, different friends. Photo or drawing will be sent by e-mail to the manager of the company, or you can contact a specialist who will help you choose a colorful print. Making such a gift will take a little time, and soon you will have an original gift for a friend;
A souvenir for antiques. Your comrade is fond of history, likes historical novels? Give him a souvenir for antiques: in the form of a typewriter, which was issued before the war («Groma») or phone of the early XX century;
The souvenir in the form of a pet. A friend contains a chic Doberman? Give a large clay statuette dog of this breed or a painted plate, suspended on a stand. Owners of dogs adore quadrupeds, both alive and in pictures in souvenirs;
Wall clock with an original picture on the dial. For example, from his favorite cartoon, film, the image of a kitten or a puppy, clouds, etc.
Just want to know what souvenir friend will be pleasant? Ask him directly. Most likely he will think about it, but in the course of a conversation you will definitely find out his preferences and buy for your money what he long dreamed of.

Games and toys

Do you think hard what to give to a friend? During conversations, ask questions and listen to what the comrade says. So, it will be easier for you to understand what his hobbies and desires are. Some blogs write their wish sheets. You can go to the friend’s page secretly and read it.
Many women believe that men remain in their souls as big boys all their lives. They still like to play games, although they are more «adults», and even buy themselves toys. What to give a friend from this sphere? Pay attention to such board games or toys:

Beautiful chess. If you know that your friend is an intellectual and often plays with his chess companions, then give him them, but not simple ones, but beautiful ones, original ones. For example, in Egyptian, Indian or other style;
The Japanese puzzle. It may also be that the comrade is fond of the culture of Japan and often solves Japanese crossword puzzles. In this case, present him with an original Japanese puzzle. The surprise will cause him real enthusiasm. After all, very few people know that it can really please, and you will get your gift just on purpose;
Model of a car or plane. It’s no secret that many find themselves in such a seemingly ordinary occupation as collecting iron models of rarity cars. If your friend is one of these people, try first to look at his collection at home, so as not to buy exactly the same, and then choose the original, stylish and present;
Telescope. If in childhood he was driven by the starry sky, and by nature he is a romantic, the telescope will cause a lot of positive emotions. It will be the most suitable gift to a friend in such a case;
Radio-controlled helicopter or racing car. Who once saw with what delight the 40-year-old «boy» plays in the stadium with these toys, as his eyes burn, he will certainly give such a typewriter or a helicopter. This is something that can be given to a friend at any age and almost for any reason.

Technical stuff

Even before the memorable date, go shopping and look at what present, in your opinion, will please the birthday boy. For example, a friend is fond of fishing. Talk to him on this topic and ask him carefully what he lacks from fishing equipment. or maybe he dreams about a removable hard drive. When you give him such a joy, there will be no limit.

What can you give a friend, if he is a techie or he is not 30? What is sure to please even you, related to computer components:

Columns. Surely a friend once complained that his columns are rather old and the sound is bad — then your gift will be accepted with delight, and maybe more — he will immediately install new speakers;
Removable hard drive. Give the disk is very roomy. On it, a friend will be able to store everything: favorite movies, videos, photos and games (if he certainly plays them). But most importantly, with such a disk, he can keep all this with him.
Wireless gaming mouse. Many people dream about this, but it is quite expensive. Therefore, postpone the purchase until better times, some kind of holiday, etc. This is a valuable gift for the techie, keen on games;
Video player. It seems that in the XXI century. already everyone bought themselves all sorts of things. In fact, the technique is quite expensive, and not everyone can afford it, apart from the monthly expenses, to spend money on expensive gifts to a loved one. Therefore, boldly present;
E-book or tablet. You know that a friend is very fond of reading and prefers, for example, fiction. Suppose you have already given him a collection of the works of one or another writer. But now you can download an electronic version of his favorite edition, which he dreams about, and donate along with an e-book. In addition, you can give him a tablet — now it is very convenient for reading and for other purposes;
Instruments. Many of the men, those who over 30 begin to make. Give your friend quality tools packed in a beautiful case or just a new drill, screwdriver or multitool, he will be very happy.

The main thing, sincerely pack a gift to a friend in a pretty wrapper and get a lot of fun, watching as a friend rejoices.

Courses, subscriptions

There are men who constantly strive for self-development, go in for sports, watch their health and figure. If your friend from such, most likely it will please:

Monthly (or more) season ticket to the gym. Keep yourself in good physical shape is not only fashionable, but also useful at any age. Especially it will be nice if you yourself also take a subscription to go to classes together;
Paid training on the skill of sales (or some other). It is especially important when he is a manager and wants to become a department head. The bosses will see that the employee increases his qualification, and will pay more attention to him;
Subscription to English courses, etc. Many dream to learn English perfectly and while young, work in a joint venture, earn a lot and live luxuriously. Obviously, giving a friend in this case is better than learning English. Give your friend an important step to fulfill his dream.

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