Wedding gifts for the newly married couple


The choice of a gift for a wedding is considered a very serious matter, which requires a careful and balanced approach. However, we must not forget that the wedding is, first and foremost, a cheerful and joyful holiday, so young people will surely be pleased to receive not only useful things in everyday life, but interesting or even comic presents. In general, why do not you become the guest who will cheer up all the guests, and leave the bride with the best memories of the solemn day. So, what kind of funny gifts for the wedding can you present to newly married couples?

Most of the gifts for the wedding that the newlyweds receive are home appliances, decor items (vases, carpets, etc.) or just a certain amount in an envelope. Of course, all this is very good, but really memorable presents — those that will raise a young couple’s mood even on the rainy day, usually does not happen. That’s why you can make the bride and groom not the most useful, but cool and original gift.

Certificates, diplomas and medals. This is the simplest and most common version of the comic presentation to the newlyweds. Wedding certificates, diplomas and medals can have a variety of inscriptions: «For conquering the heart of a beauty», «I came, I saw, I won,» «Certificate of a happy marriage,» etc., and you can order them on specialized websites.
Portrait dolls. Such an interesting gift for the wedding can also be ordered online, by sending to a specialized site photos of the bride and groom. Dolls will be an exact copy of the young, so the poet will surely like the newly-made spouses.
Plate «for two». This is a plate, divided into two parts with the inscriptions «My half» and «Your half». You can order it in a company offering such a service as printing on dishes, or even make it yourself.
«Ezhovye» mittens. The essence of such a comic presentation to a newly-married couple is quite understandable — to keep a husband or wife in their hands. Such mittens can be made independently of ordinary working gloves and clerical buttons, or show creativity and imagination, and make them in the form of real hedgehogs. If you do not have time to make «even» mittens, just present the bride and groom with a pair of boxing gloves for «a calm and civilized clarification of the relationship.»

Skalka with the inscription. Buy an ordinary rolling pin and make some comic inscription on it, for example, «A tool for raising a husband«. By the way, such a gift to the newlyweds can be classified as useful, because a good housewife will always find use for it.
A set of vegetables and fruits. To give vegetables and fruits to the wedding is an old and very cheerful custom, which consists in the fact that each «gift» is accompanied by a rhymed line, for example: «Bride the bride to love her husband», «Give the cucumber to the groom’s father».

Useful and original

And do you know, that joke gifts for the wedding may well be necessary and useful. To do this, you just need to show a little imagination and creativity, and present them in some original way. A few interesting ideas on this topic you will find below.

Vacuum cleaner with warranty. Need to get a vacuum cleaner (of course, good and quality), as well as a regular broom. The household appliance is presented as a «vacuum cleaner with an eternal guarantee», in which the above-mentioned broom will perform.
Broken TV. This is a very interesting and fun way to give the newlyweds a TV. To do this, take a large box and put the broken glass into it. Carrying a gift, you need to drop it a few times so that the corresponding sound is heard. Further development depends on your imagination, but in the end, of course, you need to give a real TV.
Cool linens. Quality bed linens in any case come in handy for a newly made family, and if it is decorated with drawings of the poses of Kamasutra, the gift will become truly fun. If you are worried that such a present for the wedding can be misunderstood, choose a kit with some other images.
Unbreakable dishes. Buy a unbreakable service in the store and ask the bride and groom to play a comic scene with a family quarrel and pottery.

The wall clock «What difference does it make?». Such watches are made in a very non-standard and original design, and is decorated with the inscription «Yes, what’s the difference». This accessory will remind young couples that happy people do not really watch hours.
A set of seasonings and spices. A comic gift to add family life a little bit of keenness. At the same time, such a gift for a wedding is sure to please the fiancees-lovers of cooking.

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