Gift for the wedding to parents


A wedding is definitely a very important event in the life of any person. Deciding to connect our destiny with another person, we not only associate our life with it. We are responsible for our choice and for further developments with the second half. Relatives, friends and friends invited to the wedding give their best gifts. But, I must say that you can not only congratulate a young couple. There is a very good tradition — to give gifts to their parents at the wedding. And what to give to the wedding for parents, if you decided to tie your fortunes by marriage, it’s easy to answer, most importantly, do it with all your heart.

Simple ideas for gifts to parents

So, if you want to express gratitude to your parents, but do not want to give something practical at all, because you can always make a practical gift, you can give something creative and something that will be remembered for the rest of your life.

Diplomas or certificates

Since recently, it has become popular to give honorary diplomas, diplomas and certificates as a token of gratitude to parents. This is a very right gesture, after all, let this document is not quite real, yet it will remain on the long memory of such an important event as the wedding of their own children.


Believe me, parents will be delighted with such gifts, because this is a kind of very high reward for the most difficult achievement — to grow a good, intelligent, beautiful and grateful child. In addition, such a statuette will be an excellent piece of decor in the home interior of both parents. And on the stand, write words of gratitude to the parents.

Baskets with flowers and words of gratitude in the frame

What can be more spectacular than a large basket of flowers? Only two flower baskets for both pairs of parents. The easiest, but elegant way to express gratitude for everything that parents have done for you. Plus, you need to add one more touch: write beautiful words on a sheet of paper and insert into the frame. Let the parents re-read them from time to time, remembering a memorable evening.

Memorable gifts from children

A gift should carry in itself a maximum of love and respect for these people, because with your gift you will show that without them there would be no you. In part, thanks to the parents, this union took place. It does not matter what the gift will be — big or small, purchase or homemade, it is important that it should be given from the heart, with an open mind.
The most sweet and pleasant gift for parents at a wedding can be an audio or video of gratitude that not only the parents themselves, but also the invited guests are touched. This is so original idea that it is impossible to remain indifferent. Such a «live» gift will remain in your memory for many years, and you can revise it from time to time, reliving those wonderful moments.

Photo album with children’s photos

Giving parents a wedding photo album with their children’s, school and youth photos is an original idea. So, they will be able to leaf through the pages of the album, remembering all the pleasant moments with you — how you grew up, how you went to first grade, finished school, etc., and now — you already have your own family. What could be better than such a gift?

Family Tree

Give your parents a family tree for the wedding. The version of it can be any, depending on your imagination. Perhaps it will be a poster, drawn with your own hands and with pasted photos of your family, starting from grandparents, or a homemade tree figurine with leaf branches for photos. Or you can just buy an elegant frame for a photo in the form of a tree.

Collage of family photos

When we make a gift to parents, it is important to remember that these are the most important people for us. You can give your parents a collage of family photos that capture the entire history of your family. Moreover, such a gift will be very appropriate just at your wedding, in gratitude. Simple and tasteful.

Gifts from the old tradition

A wonderful, exciting moment in life is the marriage of a loving couple. But do not forget the beautiful Russian tradition — to thank the parents at the wedding table. Gifts for the wedding parents should be quite practical and symbolize family values, coziness, prosperity. It can be household items, home textiles, kitchen utensils, goodies. In olden times, they made handmade gifts. Now, of course, they can be bought at the store.

Towels, tablecloths

Recently, many Western traditions have come to the wedding ceremony. Cut a festive cake, throw a bouquet, remove a garter from the bride’s legs — this, of course, is wonderful, fun and funny. But do not forget the old, time-tested, primordially Russian customs that carry a deep meaning. So, it would be nice to keep the tradition of giving a gift from the newlyweds to parents in the form of a towel or tablecloth.

Figurines of birds

Since ancient times it has been customary to give, especially at a wedding, statuettes in the form of birds. Birds are a symbol of freedom, peace, goodness and love. They represent only the most good existence. Therefore, if you give parents of birds, you do not just thank them for everything, you, at the same time, give them peace and love. And also tell them that now you have a new life in a new family. We recommend to choose not any birds, but, for example, doves.

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