Variants of extreme gifts

extreme gifts

If you want to make a present that will not only cause real enthusiasm, but also leave memorable pleasant memories, we recommend to pick up really extreme gifts for people who like thrill, in particular for the stronger sex.

Prepare just such a gift that will make a person feel unique and very important for you. Try to choose that surprise, which will be special, not trivial and, of course, bright. Extreme gifts should be done only when you are sure that the recipient is ready for it, that the gift will not embarrass him and will not discourage him. Granting high emotions, remember that the main thing in this matter is the appropriateness and style of life of the recipient.

Gifts = emotions

And why not give emotions and extreme memories? Before choosing a variant of such an unusual presentation, make sure that the man does not have fear and phobia, otherwise the gift will be simply useless for him, as well as, in fact, for any person.

Horseback riding

It will be interesting and unforgettable to spend time riding horses. Saturated day spent in the fresh air, just remember the man with bright and positive emotions. Thanks to such a presentation, you will present not only new impressions, skills and abilities, but also real recreation in nature. In addition, such pastime can turn into a sweet romantic walk.

Airsoft game

The team game in the gameball appeared quite recently, but already managed to win the hearts of many men. If your friend is a real extreme, and loves to get new emotions, then we recommend giving such a gift. During the game, a man can shoot, run, build a strategy of conquest. Of course, it takes a lot of energy, but believe me, it’s worth it.


Another option for an extreme gift is skiing. Still, in the winter season, too, something to do. Plus, it’s also very useful — fresh air will do good, add strength and energy. As an alternative to mountain skiing, you can offer a snowboard, no less exciting and extreme. Exciting emotions will not leave the recipient of such a gift for a long time.

Gifts related to water

If your friend is not afraid of water and swims well, you can safely choose certificates related to water sports. Of course, we should also take into account physical training, because «water surprises» require considerable physical effort.

Water skiing

Such leisure will be rich and unusual. Men will appreciate this gift, and will be happy to enjoy the situation. Just imagine how many impressions a birthday person can receive from speed, placer spray and a sense of freedom. Please note that water skiing still requires preliminary preparation, both physical and psychological.

Diving Attraction

Do you know for sure that a man yearns to see what is hidden under water? Or maybe he is not afraid of depth? Then this gift is perfect for an extreme man! This surprise will open the explorer, and conquer new unexplored territories. Allow me to feel a real delight and admiration to my friend. A whole new world with its beauties will open up to the eye.

Kiteboarding lesson

This is a great gift for a real extreme man. This kind of sport is relatively young and little-known, but, despite this, the lesson of kiteboarding will give crazy emotions. All that is necessary for a young man is just a passing wind and a mood for high speed, and adrenaline rush from new sensations. Even if your friend or close person has not done this before, it’s an excuse to try something new.

Gifts related to air

Your friend or beloved man is not afraid to fly and adores height? Then we offer you really extreme gifts that are simply breathtaking.

Flight in aerotrub

Do you dream of flying? Then such a gift as a flight in an airtube will be exactly desired and quite unexpected. Due to the powerful flow of air, you can feel yourself flying and even free from the gravity of the earth. Such a flight is completely safe and minimizes the risks of injury or falling. A lot of emotions and impressions are guaranteed!

Flight in a hot air balloon

Such a surprise will be really exciting and emotionally full. Just imagine what beauty nature can be seen by flying in a balloon. Perhaps this flight for a man will be unique and bright. Moreover, this kind of walk can be turned into a romantic one, if you fly together over the boundless latitudes, and then arrange an unforgettable evening.

Rock climbing

Quite a creative gift will be the opportunity to overcome the heights, to test your strength in the role of a climber. Well, if your friend overcomes obstacles on speed, then you will additionally awaken in him a spirit of rivalry, capable of giving your presentation of the sharpness of feelings and exciting emotions. If a man likes this gift, who knows, maybe he will decide to deal with it seriously.

Gifts related to driving

Your man or friend is an avid motorist who loves high speeds and literally knows everything about the structure of cars? Then it is worth paying attention to the extreme gifts that are associated with driving.


This type of unusual gift is suitable for speed lovers and cars. A man with pleasure drives on the tracks, while performing various «feints» and maneuvers. Before you give a certificate to go karting, make sure everything is in order with health and whether a person is ready to drive in the near future. If the factors that can interfere, no, boldly give a piece of adrenaline.

Extreme Driving Lesson

Let me feel the birthday person himself a real rider, who has high speeds on the shoulder. Such a surprise will be appreciated literally by every man at any age, because driving allows you to discover new opportunities and improve existing driving skills.

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