Gifts for a Capricorn Woman


Capricorn — a rational sign, calculating, connected with the Earth. He is quite conservative. A woman born under the sign of Capricorn, firmly stands on the ground. To imagine a calculating, rational and rigid by nature of its representative of the weaker sex is sometimes difficult.

Even more difficult to decide what to give a woman a goat. On the one hand, a stern, masculine variant suggests itself. On the other hand, giving a woman something practical does not always seem appropriate. Let this woman and is practical, and knows what she wants.

Such women are not so rare, but the image of such a woman is still not used to society. This is perceived with caution, at first, and men and at all can associate rigidity and practicality, as a challenge. Yet many factors lead the female Capricorn to rise and success:

Not love for air locks.
Concentration on the moment here and now.

A gift to a female capricorn is a task whose resolution will require time and wit. After all, a lot depends not only on personal characteristics, but also on age, hobbies, social status, relationships with the one you choose, what to give.

To the girl, let it is hundreds of times practical, it is better to give jewelry, a set of expensive and high-quality cosmetics. Pleasure her and appliances to care for themselves. Towels and bathrobes — an option not from the worst, but when choosing such a gift, always pay attention to the quality and brand of the product.

Leather accessories, branded pen (pen), voice recorder — all this will be accepted and approved by business representatives of the weaker sex, born under the sign of Capricorn.

Do you give a gift to a woman or a girl, do not ask unnecessary questions, do not ask what it is better to give. You will not hear a specific answer — no one is going to facilitate your choice. Capricorn is not peculiar to voice their wishes. But do not knock your feet in search of the best practical gift — an impractical and useless, seemingly present Capricorn will be accepted with gratitude and warmth.

In order not to make a mistake in choosing it makes sense to look at your ibex. He is a talented man, a gift that is practical, and although he does not plan to spend time on stupidity, he does not consider hobby to be stupid. This is what he has and what he does not take away — the interest.

When you understand, what interests your talented and practical, you can safely go and choose a gift for a Capricorn.

From the knitting needle to the lens and to serve for a long time

Give a girl who is fond of photography, an objective or a cover for a camera, or even a photographer’s courses, will not be difficult. It is even better to involve her in an exhibition of photo works — so cultural leisure will be combined with practicality.

Give knitting needles, a filter for cleaning the water in the aquarium, guitar strings, car accessories — you can safely, but do not be cheap.

Capricorn important that the gift lasted for a long time, as long as possible. Unfairly worked thing, bent knitting needles, bursting strings and other hackwork is unacceptable.
Look for the manufacturer, pay attention to the stamps, collect information.
In an extreme case, as if by accident, ask what brand the future owner of the gift prefers.

Career-family specificity

Women ibex are wonderful keepers of the family hearth. Capricorn does not need to raise a bunch, to catch dust, to make scandals. Not a fan of African passions. Family for a woman, born under this sign, is a stronghold. Quality clothes, designed to keep coziness, whether it’s bed linens, tablecloths, kitchen accessories, will please Capricorn.

A girl who has not yet acquired a family can also give various details of the interior. Here is the vase, the tablecloth, and the picture will come in handy. They have to go for quality and color.

A girl who just started climbing the career ladder (work is a part of the life of the representatives of this sign, after all their ambition is difficult to satisfy, doing household chores) you can give business accessories. She will sincerely rejoice at everything that combines three things:

High quality.
The severity of forms.

Prescient gifts like cumbersome figurines or busts do not need to be given. Although it is quite possible that a practical representative of the elements of the Earth is and will find applications for them — they will pile up the books that fall on their sides. But about everything related to recreation and interesting pastime it is worth seriously thinking about what he wants to give not just a thing (albeit expensive and qualitative), but impressions.

About leisure, put in a practical word
march-in-the-theater-in-a-gift-to-girl. Only a long time is devoted to a persistent talented sign to work and family that it is simply necessary to remind them of rest. Visiting a spa, going to the theater, gathering in a cafe will help you relax, take your time off duty, smile. A girl with busy activities likes to go to the movies (the film should be chosen to match the sign, but sometimes the comedy will not hurt either), to the theater or to the exhibition.

To spend together leisure, organized by you with love and understanding of the nature of a capricorn is a gift out of competition. Such gifts are an investment in the future development of relations, whether personal or business level. Although grounded, the Capricorn highly appreciates sincerity, kindness and the desire to devote to it, a stable, used to do everything by himself, his free time.

So, now let’s sum up. To please Capricorn, consider the following:

Bet on quality and practicality.
Do not be afraid: even if the gift is not practical, the Capricorn will sincerely thank.
Do not ask, what is it to you to give, and observe that a girl or a woman likes, than she is passionate about.
Leisure — this is what everyone needs, and quality leisure time is what women of ibex will always appreciate.
Time spent with the goat, the best investment in the development of relations, because even practical need attention and care.

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