Gifts for a Sagittarius Man


From the end of November to the end of December, according to the astrological calendar, the Sun will be in the sign of the archer. For someone, this period is associated only with New Year’s troubles, but for those who have relatives or friends born under the 9th sign of the zodiac, the choice of a gift comes to the fore.

The archers have their own characteristics, and it is with their study that it is worth starting to choose a gift. Today we will talk about the men-archers: what they are addicted to, what inspires them, can surprise and please. This information will help you find out what to give a man archer.

The element of the archer is fire. Men-archers, as a rule, are very temperamental, active and mobile. They do not like to sit still and get bored, so they travel with pleasure, discover something new, learn new things. These people love comfort and convenience, they are pleased to surround themselves with various useful gadgets that make life easier. Many male Sagittarians are well developed physically, go in for sports. If Sagittarius has achieved a high position in society — he will not miss the opportunity to emphasize his status. In addition, the streltsy have a great sense of humor, they like to laugh heartily, including, and above themselves.
Choosing a gift for a man archer better thoroughly, given the smallest features of his future owner.

«Sports» gifts

The theme of sports in the life of the men of the archers is almost always present. They either are engaged in some kind of sport, or are inveterate fans and fans. For both cases, you can choose a gift of sports.

Sports form or accessories for sports. To a close person, whose size you know, you can give a quality sports suit. This is a very expensive gift, but for those who seriously engage in sports — the thing is invaluable. Original sports suits are made of quality fabrics, created especially for active pursuits. In such clothes, nothing restricts movements, the body breathes and does not overheat.
If you choose a suit — a difficult task, you can give accessories for the sport. These can be special gloves, belts or belts (including weighed down), flasks, bandages for fixations. You can collect a whole set, if individually these items seem insignificant and do not attract a good gift.

Sports equipment. Depending on what is fond of Sagittarius, you can choose as a gift something from the sporting equipment or sports equipment for the house. Look closely at the bars, griffins, balls, espanders, home horizontal bars. Perhaps, the future owner of the gift is engaged in some unusual sport, and then, if you choose such a gift, you will have to delve into the study of a narrow specificity.
Gifts for sports fans. It may be that your Sagittarius is a «passive» sportsman and prefers to root out of the house for the beloved sports team and watch sports news. In this case, household items or clothes with the logo of your favorite team can become a good gift.

Gifts for a comfortable life

Sagittarians are very attracted to the «automation» of their life, like when different electronic devices at the touch of a button solve any problems.

Car GPS navigator with DVR. This is an excellent gift for the man Sagittarius, who is behind the wheel. The GPS-navigator will point the way to any point, and the built-in DVR will fix everything that happens on the road and help protect yourself. A special plus of this gift is that this is a two-in-one thing.
Universal solar charger. Such a gift will always help its owner, because this charger has a lot of adapters and will fit any device, and you can use it even where there is no electricity. On long trips or just when leaving home for the whole day, this thing will be very useful. Sagittarius, loving comfort, will be delighted.
External hard drive. A very convenient and useful thing for those who have digital information in huge volumes. Working files, digital family photo archive, video recordings — all this takes up a lot of space on the computer, besides the home computer quite unexpectedly can fail and it will be impossible to use the information until the fault is eliminated. It is much more convenient to store all the important information on an external hard disk. At its core, this is a very large flash drive. Technically savvy man Sagittarius will appreciate this gift.

Gifts with status

For Sagittarius men, external attributes that emphasize status are always important. To please with such a gift is not easy, because for this you need to know exactly what is prestigious in the circles of the birthday boy. Nevertheless, there are universal versions of solid gifts for men, one of which will surely appeal to you.

Wallets made of genuine leather. For each man, a purse is his business card. The natural skin is long serving and looks rich, so for a status-conscious male archer, such a gift will be pleasant. If desired, you can make an embossing on the purse, for example, with the initials of its future owner. Of course, this is a very expensive thing, but if you decide to give a purse — be guided not only by an acceptable price, but also by convenience. Let there be branches for credit cards, for trivia, a convenient compartment for paper bills.
Wrist Watch. It is better to give such a gift to a loved one, since for the choice of hours you need to know the tastes of a man well and have an idea of ​​his wardrobe. Of course, the watch will be a win-win version of the famous brand and classic design, but suddenly it turns out that your Sagittarius dreams of something more unusual and original. Mainly, you need to determine the strap material, shape, size and color of the dial, as well as the type of mechanism.
Fountain pen or pen-roller. If a Sagittarius man signs his documents, he will certainly like a gift in the form of a fountain pen or a pen-roller. Unlike conventional ballpoint pens, these pens do not write with paste, but with real ink. Writing such handles is more convenient and easier, they write very smoothly and leave a beautiful neat trail. In fountain pens there is an opportunity to change the feathers themselves and achieve the effect of italics.

Gifts for hobbies and leisure

Camera. This thing is indispensable on vacation, because you want to save your impressions for many years. You can give a simple model of a professional camera or a good amateur camera. Do not be afraid to give a sophisticated technique, archers with excitement will understand all the subtleties and wisdom of settings and modes. It is likely that the donated camera will so captivate the archer’s man that the photo will become his new passion.
Scale model for assembly. No matter how «childish» this gift seemed to be, large-scale serious people are engaged in large-scale modeling. Even if the archer never did this, he would be very interested in trying. Scale models are sold in a kit with paints and special glue, so you do not have to buy anything. Select a model will help the seller-consultant in the store, he will orient on the complexity and advise what it is better to start.
Certificate for an unusual holiday. Balloon or paraglider flight, parachute jump, horseback riding — companies offering such kinds of recreation can be found in every city. Perhaps, the archer, to whom the gift is addressed, has some kind of dream — then help her implement it. If there are no specific wishes and preferences, choose a gift to your taste. Such a holiday will be remembered for life and will leave vivid impressions.

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