Gifts for a Scorpio Woman


A Scorpio woman is an amazing personality, to which one can experience everything except indifference. She is intelligent, mysterious, energetic, sexy, charming, and today can burn like a flame, and tomorrow turn into a real iceberg, that is, to breathe cold and indifference. In general, representatives of this sign of the Zodiac are real women who are well aware of the effect they have on men. Therefore, if you are thinking about what to give a woman to Scorpio, know: this gift should be as exotic, unique and unique as the girl, born in November.

The basic rule, which must be remembered when choosing a gift to the mysterious Scorpio, is that the present should in no way be banal. Having presented a soft toy or a simple souvenir, you will surely fall into the black list of this woman, because she will never communicate with someone who does not appreciate her magnificent qualities.

Also, you should not ask about what she wants to receive as a gift. Most likely, the answer is «nothing,» but do not think that Scorpio considers his holiday as insignificant. Just a woman born in late autumn, adores surprises and riddles, and probably wants you to break your head a little over the present.

Visitors from the future

The representatives of the fair sex, born in November, simply adore all the modern and innovative. Their view is directed exclusively to the future, so giving a Scorpio woman something of innovative inventions, you certainly will not go wrong.

It can be anything from household appliances, a computer or telephone accessory — the most important thing is that this device is multifunctional and powerful. A new smartphone, «heaped» food processor or steamer, performing countless operations created specifically Scorpions.

«Klubnichka» in the trend
If you do not know what to give the girl Scorpio, try to visit the store for adults. Sex for women born under this sign — the same natural element as water, so such a gift does not embarrass them at all. The list of things that they like, include:

Beautiful linens «with a hint»: for example, silk sheets of scarlet or black;
Discs or books like «Kamasutra»;
Erotic or edible underwear;
Scented candles, massage oil or other accessories for a romantic evening.

Predicting the King

Another sphere of life that attracts Scorpio women is mysticism and extrasensory perception. They believe in destiny, signs, evil eye and other similar phenomena, that is, you can fully present a spiritual board, a deck of tarot cards, a book about fortune telling, astrology or the other world, and also some talisman or amulet protecting from the evil eye.

Aqua vita

Water is the main element of Scorpio, so all that is associated with it, will also have to taste the representatives of this sign. Subscription to the pool or spa, a beautiful, sexy swimsuit, thermal water for skin care or even a good water filter will be great gifts. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone, because representatives of this sign of the Zodiac also take great care of their own health.

Here you can relate things related to bathing procedures: a bathrobe and any accessories for a sauna, an expensive set of towels, a broom for a steam bath, etc.

Perfume is considered a universal gift for all women, but in the case of a Scorpio woman you will also have to break your head.

Representatives of this sign use fragrances as a tool to attract men, so start from this. In addition, the gift aroma should not be too simple. Attractive, inviting scent with sharp, piercing notes and sensual motifs is the style of this Scorpio.


If you decide to use one more win-win option, and buy a jewelry girl from Scorpio, you will need to choose something non-standard and exclusive. Massive earrings and bracelets made of steel or dark silver, author’s and ethnic jewelry made of leather or wood — the main thing is that it is not a product from the category of consumer goods, which can be bought in the first jewelry store.

As already mentioned above, representatives of this sign of the Zodiac are very fond of everything related to astrology and mysticism, so you certainly will not miss, if you give an ornament with topaz, garnet or alexandrite — stones that are considered «native» to Scorpio.

Scorpio women are distinguished by a healthy egoism, and attach great importance to their own personality. Therefore, you can very well present such a girl with something related to her. Here, the space for imagination is simply huge: it can be like a calendar or a T-shirt with its photograph, and a collage where the Scorpio woman will be Cleopatra, Queen Maria Antoinette, etc.

Bouquets and sweets

To the Scorpio flowers are quite favorable, however it should be exotic plants that radiate passion and sensuality: roses, orchids, lilies, etc.

However, if you really want to show creativity and originality, give her some unusual flowers: for example, a bouquet of chocolates, because girls born under this sign, just love the sweet. Also, an exotic home plant will be an excellent gift: for example, a venus flytrap.

Scorpio for the Scorpion

Women born in November are very indifferent to their zodiac sign, and consider it the best-most.

Therefore, if you still want to present Scorpio with something like a keychain or a souvenir, stop by the gimmick with the image of this dangerous, mysterious creature.

Simple and prudent

Money and everything connected with them also belong to the sphere of interests of the representatives of this sign of the Zodiac, so if nothing original comes to your mind, you can quite give bills in an envelope.

In the talented and inventive head of Scorpio, there is always a huge number of options for how to spend the amount that has appeared out of nowhere, so your banal at first glance will certainly be appreciated.

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