Gifts for an Aquarius Man


Each of us probably knows the ancient wisdom, saying that people can endlessly look at the current water. Absolutely the same can be said about a man born under the volatile and unpredictable sign of Aquarius.
Indeed, this original, cheerful person with a fine sense of humor is able to turn the life of loved ones and friends into a real fairy tale. That is why, on the eve of any significant event, friends and relatives want to really please Aquarius, giving him a good gift. So, what to give a man Aquarius based on the nature of the character inherent in this sign?

First and foremost advice — do not ask a man born in February that he would like to receive as a gift. Of course, he will find an adequate answer to this question, but he will be very disappointed, because the water-lovers simply adore surprises and surprises. In addition, you should not give him money in the envelope — in the first place, it is also too trivial, and, secondly, any amount will immediately disperse into various trifles. But we’ll talk about the possible options for a gift to a man Aquarius below.

Technological and computer news

The fact that in the same water can not enter twice, Aquarians know better than all other signs of the zodiac, so they can safely be called people of the future. They look only forward and very fond of all kinds of futuristic and unusual novelties from the world of technology. So, what is this «unusual» and «technological» can be presented to a man-Aquarius?
Mobile gadget. This gift option has the right to exist, but in this case you will need to break your head a little and choose some interesting device — at least a tablet-transformer or something like that.
Flash drive. Flash drive can be attributed to the subjects, which it is customary to say «there is not much.» Find a flash drive of unusual and original shape (for example, in the form of a camera, a mini-jar with beer, a cartridge, etc.), and a male Aquarius will be pleased with this gift even if this drive is the tenth in his collection.
The cup is heated from USB. Such a gift combines all the qualities that each Aquarius values ​​- functionality, originality and manufacturability.


The nature of Aquarius is too multifaceted and wide to focus on everyday matters, but at the same time they are very fond of order and purity. Therefore, some unusual device, which will become a true helper in household chores, will certainly be to the taste of a man born under this sign.

Robot vacuum cleaner. No representative of the stronger sex will not abandon the vacuum cleaner, which will be able to clean the apartment on its own. Well, given the futuristic nature of this device and its original appearance, it can be concluded that the best gift for Aquarius is difficult to find.
Nightlight projector or home planetarium. Modern night-projectors make it possible to turn the ceiling of an ordinary city apartment into a starry sky or draw fanciful pictures on them, and some home planetariums can project special space video films on the ceiling. Also, Aquarius will like the device, which projects on the walls of the real ocean waves.
A clock with a weather station. Multifunctional device that allows you to determine which hour by projecting on the wall of time, temperature and humidity in the room and able to show even the weather outside the window.
Thermowalk. Such a gift will be very gratifying to all lovers of picnics and barbecues. It is a plug with a small built-in thermometer, with which you can quickly determine the degree of roasting meat.

For leisure

Absolutely all Aquarians are very inquisitive and have a lively, inquisitive mind, so many of them are very interested in art, literature, esotericism, etc. Give a man born in February, something for interesting and useful leisure, and he will certainly be grateful to you.
Books. The book can be safely called a universal gift for all occasions, especially if it concerns intellectual Aquarius. True, we must not forget that the publication must fully correspond to the subtle taste of the people of this sign. The ideal variant is a collection of drawings by famous caricaturists, but you can stop on the album of reproductions of contemporary artists, a collection of aphorisms, a series of «100 great», etc.
Objects for relaxation and meditation. The assortment of anti-stress gifts today is very large — from the traditional Japanese garden of stones to the table punching bag. Aquarius will also like what is associated with its elements — an aquarium, a room fountain, a picture that simulates running water, etc.
Emotions and impressions. An ideal gift for a man born in the late winter — new emotions and impressions. A certificate for some interesting entertainment (for example, helicopter management courses or ballooning), a tour to some country (preferably exotic), tickets to a favorite group concert or even a box of live butterflies. If you manage to really surprise Aquarius, then your main task is done.


Flowers can hardly be called a man’s gift, and an ordinary bouquet of roses or tulips is unlikely to please Aquarius, so it’s best to give him some unusual indoor plant.

Sundew. What could be more surprising than a predator plant that easily catches flies and midges? Such an original person, as a man born under the sign of Water, will surely come to full delight.
Cactus. These prickly and unpretentious guests from warm edges today live in many apartments, but if you find any original cactus, your Aquarius will faithfully and diligently take care of him.
Lithops. Lithops are real «living stones» that do not require careful care, but they have the ability to bloom with bright colors. They are a bright and unusual decoration for the house — exactly what Aquarius needs.
By the way, a little earlier we already mentioned that Aquarius will be pleased to receive an aquarium, but it does not have to be impressive in size. Sometimes it may even be very appropriate to present here such an aquarium in a simplified style.

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