Gifts for an Aquarius Woman


Sometimes, in order to please a loved one, it is enough «very small». For this, you do not need to do any special deeds and spend huge amounts of money. A few pleasant, sincere words, a small gift, presented from a pure heart, can perform a real miracle. And in order that this gift «hit the mark» when buying it, you can use the tip of the Horoscope of its potential recipient. Then the problem of what to give a woman Aquarius, will be solved in the most favorable way.

Lightness, sincerity, great taste

Representatives of this sign say that they are excellent comrades who get along well in both women’s and men’s teams. And to each of their friends they are sincere and understanding, taking it with all the advantages and disadvantages and not trying to reshape and remake it. Therefore, women Aquarians are always respected and loved and rarely bored in solitude.

Among the characteristic features of wonderful Aquarius of the weaker sex, one can not fail to note such qualities as good taste, excellent sense of humor and charm. They are elegant and airy, pleasant in conversation and easy to climb, so communication with them is always pleasant and positive.

Possessing an excellent taste, ladies, Aquarians are well versed in decent and quality things, so picking them a suitable gift is not very easy, but possible. If you look for «in the right places.» And take into account the nature of the character and taste of this sign.

Clothes and accessories

Beautiful ladies, born under the auspices of Uranus, often find themselves in the spotlight. The reason for this is their natural lightness, charm and, of course, spectacular appearance. And in clothes these charmers quite often choose a somewhat extravagant, catchy style, but they know how to correctly represent it and therefore never look ridiculous or vulgar. So, if you want to make a good gift to a woman Aquarius, give her some unusual and original thing to update her wardrobe, for example:

Shawl, pareo or scarf in ethno style. And the theme of the pattern on this product can be very diverse: from sultry traditional African or Australian motifs to elegant and restrained Celtic ornaments. In any case, such a present will necessarily have extravagant Aquarius to taste and make an impression on him.
A hat or a knitted winter cap in a «folk style». Another gift option, which you can give a girlfriend Aquarius, suitable to her as it is not by the way. The main thing when picking up the headdress, pay attention to the fact that he must match the shape of her face and age. Better, of course, such a thing is preliminary to try on before buying.
Uggs or moccasins. Woman Aquarius is very fond of convenience and comfort in everything. She «is easy on the rise», so she prefers wearing comfortable, simple shoes, in which you can easily run all day, without fear for your back and legs. Therefore, she will also like this present very much. The only thing in this case is also necessary to know the exact size of the leg of the recipient of the gift and, if possible, to try it on before buying it.
A beautiful umbrella of unusual shape and color. A very useful thing, which can also become an excellent decoration. So it can also be presented to the charming girl Aquarius to give her stylish image even more charm.
A gift card for the purchase of clothes and accessories. And this wonderful solution will allow you to avoid buying something unnecessary and not suitable for the girl Aquarius. She will simply buy herself what she wants, and as a result, everyone will be very pleased.

Jewelery items

Probably women who are absolutely indifferent to all sorts of jewelry and cute baubles, just do not exist in nature. And women Aquarians are another confirmation of this trend. They are very fond of everything beautiful, bright and showy, so they can give them on their holiday:

Silverware. This can be as a set consisting of earrings and rings, or single items: bracelets, pendants, brooches, necklaces. The main thing is that they are rather unusual and original, then such a present will give a charming girl Aquarius a lot of joy and pleasure.
Gold jewelry. Also a very good gift for the representative of the air element. However, it should be taken into account that some ladies of this sign do not like this metal very much. So, before buying jewelry (which, by the way, is very expensive), it is not superfluous to clarify this point at the potential recipient of the presentation. This will help you not to make mistakes when choosing it.
Bijouterie. Aquarius will be very pleased to receive a refined and stylish set of handmade jewelry, as a gift, especially if it is made to order and made in a single copy. And you can supplement this wonderful present with an elegant and pretty casket for storing ornaments. Such things women just love this sign.

Intellectual Entertainment

Women of the sign Aquarius by nature have an inquisitive mind and a well-developed intellect, so they are always happy to learn and try to learn something new. Therefore, for a certain case, they may well be given something appropriate, for example:

Literature. Having bought as a gift to a woman Aquarius a book of interest to her subjects, you will be amazed at her joy and delight in this matter. Especially if it is a rare or even rare specimen, made in a unique manner.
Tickets for the exhibition with a scientific or educational or cultural theme. Do not doubt, Aquarius will never get bored with such an event and will derive maximum benefit from it. The main thing is that the level of such a presentation is high enough.
Subscription to your favorite publications. Another way to «amuse the intellect» intelligent and educated representatives of the air element, which they will have to taste.
In addition, the girl Aquarius can give an unusual and original piece of the interior: a clock on the wall, a home barometer or a picture-puzzle, which you need to collect yourself from a variety of pieces.

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