Gifts for a Leo Man

Gifts for Leo

In the animal kingdom, the lion is considered the king of animals. The zodiacal sign of Leo also reigns among the other signs of the Zodiac, and men born July 23 — August 22, have royal habits. They like to be surrounded by luxury and comfort. They are gourmets, delicious food and an exquisitely laid table for them are very important. They are generous and hospitable people, who love to surprise and delight their guests. Being invited to a celebration for such a person, you must carefully think over what to give a man to Leo.

All representatives of this zodiacal sign love and appreciate compliments and laudatory speeches. Therefore, after you received an invitation for a birthday in late July-August, you first need to take care of preparing a beautiful greeting. Leo’s man is even a gift, less important than the solemn ode in his honor.

Then, of course, you need to think about the gift. The main rule: it is better to buy a small, but expensive and unusual gift than a big and uninteresting one.

The choice of the presentation will depend on how long and well you know the birthday person, but, in any case, the men of this sign will surely like the gift, which will emphasize their high status.

Status gifts

Naturally, you want your gift «to taste.» The recipe is simple: choosing a present for a lion man, take into account what interests and what a person loves to visit you are invited to.

A book by status. For fans of reading, the publication of the book «48 laws of power» in luxurious leather binding is suitable. For the male Lion, it will be interesting also because he always seeks to dominate in all spheres of life. This is the most scandalous and most truthful book about methods of conquest and retention of power. In it, a huge number of interesting and unexpected facts, and having read it, you can easily learn to recognize what is behind the words of people who have power. This is a reference book for those who want to learn the science of managing people, to unerringly use their weaknesses to achieve their own power. Lion Men will also appreciate the gift editions of books devoted to their hobby: cars, hunting, fishing, football, boxing, weapons history. To a person who believes, one can present the Holy Gospel or the Bible in a leather hand-made binding or an icon encrusted with Swarovski crystals.
Interesting «thematic» figurines made of bronze. The birthday girl will take this statue as a compliment, in addition, she also will cause a smile. For example, the statuette «Oligarch» is a crocodile in a jacket, sitting on a luxurious sofa with a cigar in his hand. Depending on what the person celebrating his birthday does in life, you can buy for him a statuette «Financier», «Business Shark», «Leader», «Investor», etc.
chess-of-bronze-male Chess with bronze figures. This is also a very interesting gift, especially if the figures are made in the form of Greek gods or Vikings. The board should be made of valuable wood or semiprecious stones.
Luxury models of ships will decorate the interior of the office in the office and at home.

Business gifts

Colleagues and business partners are given things that are used daily at work.

Always come in time status diaries in expensive leather bindings.
Business card holder. They are desktop, portable and pocket. You can pick up a VIP-class business card holder for prestigious brands, for example the German «Brunnen», the Spanish «El Casco» or the Italian «Piquadro», or you can opt for cheaper domestic brands. If the person who invited you is the owner or managing director of any company, then on the desktop business card you can make a custom logo for his company.
Pens. The most famous brand is Parker. Feather with a gold feather or cheaper ball-point pens and roller-skaters. The latter kind of handles are often confused with helium. In fact, these handles combine the properties of feathers and ballpoint pens. Its cartridge is filled with water-based ink, and the writing unit is based on a movable ball. When writing with this pen, the hand practically does not strain, and the ink lies on the paper with an even, beautiful line.
Business briefcases, bags, purse.

To a close person

You in life are lucky if next to you a man born under the sign of Leo. He will break «into a cake», but his wife and children will not need anything. His strong family reigns in love and respect.

Of course, this man wants to present a gift to which he will be very happy. You, like no one else know what he dreams about, what he loves and what he needs. You can buy him as a gift something from clothes or the list below:

gold cufflinks and a tie clip;
perfume of elite brands;
expensive leather trouser belt;
Swiss Watches;
tickets for a concert or an interesting show;
a subscription to an elite gym or swimming pool.
There are many more options. Choose and please your beloved Leo man.

Element — fire

This is a fire sign, not for nothing birthday Lviv falls on the hottest months of the year, when the hot sun rays warm the Earth. Perhaps that is why, from the earliest childhood, these men adore the fire and everything connected with it.

They will appreciate such a gift as a lighter. Of course, the product should be from well-known manufacturers, for example «Zippo» or «Pierre Cardin».
If in the house of the birthday man has a fireplace, then as soon as possible, there will be fireplace accessories. A standard set includes a scoop, tongs, poker and a broom. There are classic, forged and original sets with additional accessories. Such a set will become a «highlight» of the interior of the fireplace room and create a cozy atmosphere in it. In addition, a lucky gift can be a watch in the form of a lion’s head, which will decorate the mantelpiece.
Also, a rocking chair can be a good option so that if you cover your feet with a blanket, enjoying a cup of hot tea, the Leo man could sit in the winter by the burning fireplace, watch the tongues of the flame, listen to the «clicking» of firewood in the fire and be completely happy.

Important recommendations

If there is no money for an expensive gift, pay attention to the beautiful and original packaging.

As for the flowers: the most «appropriate» flowers are the gladioli. They are as proud and significant as the culprit of the celebration.

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