Gifts Ideas for a Libra Man


A typical Libra man is a harmonious, calm and balanced person who fascinates others with his subtle sense of humor and the ability to support any conversation. Representatives of this sign are very delicate in taste, always follow themselves and just adore quality things. It is from these criteria that you should proceed, if you do not know what to give a man a scales. So, what will most please your just, «weighty» friend?

Electronics and household appliances

There is an opinion that the best gift for any representative of the stronger sex is a super modern computer or a mobile gadget. However, in the case of Libra, this rule may not work, because they relate rather not to innovators, but to fans of the good old classics. For example, the electronic «reader» most of them prefer books in luxurious covers with a unique smell of printing ink. But there is some list of things that will surely please the representative of the Libra sign.

Camcorder. All men, born in September-October, are very sensitive to the memories of their lives, so they like to create films for the family archive. That is, a new video camera with some fashionable «bells and whistles» (for example, «frame in the frame») will in this case as it is impossible by the way.
Electric fireplace with a flame effect. Is it possible to imagine something more cozy than a fireplace with real fire? It is exactly what every lover of comfort and classics who is a Libra man needs. Of course, it is very difficult to equip a real fireplace in a city apartment, but you can present an electric fireplace to a representative of this sign, imitating a real, living flame — such a «home» gift certainly will not leave him indifferent.
Coffee maker. Like all true lovers of beautiful life, Libra men love natural, fragrant coffee. That is, you can quite give him the opportunity to enjoy a hot drink every day, presenting a good, quality coffee maker. Also a win-win option for such a gift will be special electrical equipment for making Turkish coffee, which includes a sand tray, a Turk and a spoon.
Set of tools. If you had to visit a representative of the stronger sex, born under the sign of scales, you probably paid attention to the ideal order. Indeed, Libra does not tolerate anything in their dwelling, it does not close or work, so a quality set of tools will suit every one of them.
Air ionizer. Any person born under the sign of Libra, whether male or female, tries to create in his house not only a pleasant and comfortable, but also a maximum healthy atmosphere. To do this, he will certainly need a special ionizer for cleaning air from harmful microbes.
Chocolate fountain. Such an original and elegant gift your friend or friend will certainly appreciate, because it allows you to turn an ordinary sweet table into Swiss culinary art called fondue.
Electric jigsaw. Almost all the men born in the beginning of autumn are among those people who are said to have «golden hands». They can not only put together an ordinary stool, but also cut out of a tree some beautiful craft. Give your friends Vesam a good electric jigsaw — and his wooden products will turn into real works of art.

Gifts for home

Thinking about what to give a man under the sign of scales, be sure to pay attention to interior items and various accessories for the house, to which the representatives of this sign are experiencing real weakness. However, you need to choose only elegant and elegant things that perfectly fit into the specific style that your loved one prefers. For example, even the most beautiful statuette, made in an abstract style, he can perceive as a mockery, so it’s best to stop again on the classic with a light vintage touch.
Rocking chair. Such a truly ancient piece of furniture will be liked by any representative of the Libra sign, and will bring even more comfort and coziness to his house.
Carved bureau or chest. If you can buy a bureau (a small locker for papers) with carved legs and several secret drawers made in an antique style, rest assured that you will make the best man a Libra man. A good option will also be a small wooden chest decorated with carved patterns.
Home fountain. Despite the fact that the Libra sign refers to the elements of Air, not Water, the elegance and elegance of the decorative fountain will not leave indifferent the representatives of this sign. Again, choosing such a piece of decor, try to find a middle ground between the classics and creativity.

Vase for sweets or fruits. Choose a luxurious, multi-tiered crystal vase for flowers or fruits, and it will definitely find its place in your friend’s house, because Libra simply does not like the souls in such products.
Sculpture or statuette. Materials that are well suited in this case — onyx, marble, porcelain, crystal. Do not forget about the refinement and beautiful artistic taste of Libra: kitsch or consumer goods in this case will not work.

Jewelery, accessories and perfumery

If you see a smartly dressed man with numerous ornaments, be sure — you have one of the representatives of the sign of Libra. Such men carefully watch themselves, stylishly dress up and just adore all sorts of jewelry, accessories and perfumes. Therefore, a gift from this category will surely lead him to real delight.
Chain or suspension. If you want to give Libra some jewelry, you’ll have to shell out for gold or, at the very least, high-grade silver, because they do not recognize cheap and low-quality accessories. The chain is better to buy with the original, unusual weaving, and the suspension — in the form or with the image of scales.
Umbrella cane. The greatest glamor of the men-Libra consider suits with the ebb of the style of the 20-30s, lacquer shoes, bow ties, etc. Of course, such a dandy can not be imagined without an umbrella-cane with a curved handle made of wood or bone, so such a gift can quite outshine all the others.
Cosmetics for shaving. Virtually all Libra men have very sensitive skin, but at the same time hate to walk unshaven, so they shave quite often, although they experience some discomfort because of this. That is, a good gift in this case will be a quality set of shaving cosmetics, which includes products for sensitive skin.
Perfumery. To drown representatives of this sign are also very fond of, so they will gladly accept as a gift good perfumes or toilet water. As for fragrances, they usually prefer oriental scales with notes of various spices: cinnamon, vanilla, patchouli, ginger, etc.

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