Gifts for a Libra Woman


If you are looking for the «right» and worthy gift for a woman’s birthday, you will have to try a lot. And, of course, immediately abandon the acquisition of «on duty presents», which later will be abandoned far to the shelf. To facilitate the search for an «ideal» presentation, you can use various means, including the horoscope of a charming lady, with which you can get the most objective idea of ​​her tastes and character. For example, in order to decide what to give a woman Libra, you should carefully study the features of this sign of the zodiac, and then your gift will necessarily fall «to the point.»

Female charm and «man’s mind» «in one bottle»

So all the same, what is she, the lovely and charming woman of Libra, born between September 24 and October 23 under the auspices of Venus? According to astrologers, this is a subtle and romantic nature, which has an extraordinary appeal and charisma. Her refined charm and charm never leave indifferent representatives of the opposite sex, so she is practically not alone.

Being one of the least conflicting signs of the Zodiac, the woman of Libra perfectly «gets on» in any collective, and her cold, sober and practical mind helps her to achieve respect both in women’s and in men’s societies.

To all other representatives of this sign also beautiful housewives, who are able to create coziness and maintain order in their home. Therefore, their dwelling is always a «full cup», however modest in size and scale it might be. They have a good taste, so the gift to the woman of Libra should be sufficiently restrained, but at the same time — refined and original. At the same time, it is worth choosing with love and respect towards its recipient.

Presentations for hobbies and leisure

Women born under the sign of Libra, often have cute and pleasant hobbies that give them even more attractiveness and significance in the eyes of others. So, if on their birthday you present them a pleasant surprise in the form of accessories or various accessories for a hobby, then surely please the birthday girl. For example:
A set of knitting needles, yarn and yarn of good quality. Since knitting is the most common and favorite type of Libra’s hobbies, your gift will be rated «the culprit of the celebration» very highly.
Sewing or knitting machine. Well, this present in its importance and practicality is generally beyond competition. And he will be received by the woman Libra with great joy. The only thing is: the cost of a gift of this kind can be quite expensive, so it can not be classed as affordable and democratic.
Electric waffle iron and electric grill. Since Libra women are very fond of cooking, they will be pleased to receive as a gift for their birthday some useful gadget that will make cooking even more exciting. It can also be a good stove, BBQ, etc.
Accessories for pets. The second place in popularity in the rating of passions of beautiful ladies born under the constellation of Libra is occupied by domestic animals. As a rule, women of this sign have one or several cats and dogs in their house, are well versed in their breeds and devote much of their time to caring for them. Therefore, if as a gift for their birthday you present to them a nice walking overall, a comfortable soft house or a wicker basket for their pet, you definitely will not lose.

To care for yourself and your appearance

By nature endowed with a slim figure and attractive appearance, the woman of Libra «does not rest on her laurels», spending a lot of time and effort to keep this beauty in its original state. Therefore, she will be overjoyed, if you present her various perfume and cosmetic products. Including:
Perfume and deodorants. From them these charming and elegant ladies are just crazy. They use perfume products for any occasion, and they do it professionally and competently, changing the fragrance in accordance with the changing of the time of day and their mood. And to experiments in this area are also treated with great interest, so you will not lose if on their holiday hand them, a beautifully decorated bottle of perfume or toilet water with a new, yet not very popular fragrance. They will certainly figure out what to do with them and when to use them.
Means for skin care of face and body. These are creams, masks, scrubs, as well as oils for massage and other useful products that will help their dazzling appearance to sparkle even brighter.
Decorative cosmetics. For a woman born under the sign of Libra, every way out of the house is an event for which she is preparing quite seriously. Therefore, you will never meet her on the street without make-up. So, if you want to please this spectacular lady, give her a set of good eye shadows of different shades or a tube of brand lipstick of peach or flesh tones. And if it will have a light shine, the joy of the recipient of the gift will not be at all.

Jewelry, costume jewelery, clothing

Libra refers to the type of women who can not imagine their lives without jewelry and wear them around the clock. Therefore, if you are not sure what to give the girl Libra, but you assume that you can spend enough to buy a presentation of a decent amount of money, feel free to buy jewelry. They will definitely come to the representatives of this sign to taste. Examples include:
Elegant and stylish ring of gold. Buying this wonderful thing, keep in mind that its design should correspond to the age and status of the future recipient. That is, it is better for a young girl to pick up a delicate and elegant ring without any adornments as a gift, and the present of a more grown woman can be more catchy and spectacular.
Earrings. When buying earrings for a woman of the Libra sign, pay attention to their clasp. Since they will wear this decoration for a long time, its strength and reliability is crucial. The best option is the «crab» buckle, which snaps into place and keeps well.
Bracelets. Libra really likes elegant and neat bracelets, made in the technique of artistic weaving of precious metals of several types. For example, gold and silver, etc. Do not forget that such things should be sufficiently high-quality and effective. From the purchase of cheap knickknacks should be abandoned immediately.

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