Gifts for Taurus Women


However skeptical and pragmatic we may be regarding all sorts of astrological calendars and horoscopes, we can not disagree with the fact that there is a certain amount of truth in them. That’s why they play such a big role in our lives.

We even try to select gifts in accordance with the characteristics of the sign of the zodiac, to which their recipient belongs. Most likely, this is correct, because thinking about what to give a woman a calf, we take into account the subtleties of the character and taste preferences of the representatives of this sign. So we have much more chances to «get to the point».

Characteristics of character

In general, let’s get down to business. In order to please enough capricious and demanding bodies, it is necessary to take into account some features of their nature.
They are realists and practitioners, perfectly aware of their importance and understand good, quality things.
Having good taste, the bodies love everything beautiful and tend to surround themselves with aesthetically attractive, uncommon, and, at the same time, practical objects that bring maximum benefit.
People of this sign are considered very domestic and family, they do well with domestic problems, are considered good needlewomen, and often do much at home on their own.
They are very careful and pedantic, attentive to small things, which affects their attitude to life and to others. Together with this, they are somewhat sluggish and excessively meticulous, therefore, if they undertake something, they do so very scrupulously and responsibly.
In order to decide what to give a young woman to a calf (or woman), it is necessary to take into account all the peculiarities and subtleties of its multifaceted nature, which can not be called simple and uncomplicated.
Born under the auspices of Venus, the representatives of this sign are usually very attractive externally and have a very good physique. They are calm, serious by nature and know their own worth, so it’s unlikely that you will be able to surprise them with something special or extraordinary. Rather, they will appreciate a more rational and functional gift that fits well into their everyday life.
So, if you are in difficulty about what to give a female calf, you can safely present them money in a neat, beautiful envelope. For such an «offering,» they will respond positively, positively, not at all upset and embarrassed, as they know exactly what to spend the donated amount in order to extract the maximum benefit from the gift.

In addition, in addition to the above, representatives of this earth sign can be presented with the following types of presents.


Since female calves are excellent housewives with exceptional taste and culinary skills, quite often they cook from daily routine duties turns into a serious hobby to which they dedicate a large amount of time. Therefore, as a hobby-gift, you can give them:

Colorful publications dedicated to culinary arts. A good option — books about the cuisine of different nations of the world with original and unusual recipes, which the recipient of the gift will be able to translate into practice.
A set of exotic spices that will make the calf’s dishes even tastier and more ordinary.
Objects of kitchen utensils, appliances for cooking and serving food, etc. The main thing, remember that for all their practicality they should have an attractive and aesthetic design.

Fashion gifts

To the clothes, female bulls are treated with great piety and tenderness. They like to dress and know how to do it very nicely and stylishly. So, if you plan to present as a gift to a lady born under this sign, any item of a women’s wardrobe, you should be aware of her taste preferences quite well. If you are sure that you can please a capricious and demanding woman, then safely acquire:

Clothes, shoes, hats. Do not forget that all this should be «to the face» of the recipient of the gift and to have the «right» size appropriate for her.
Accessories. These can be umbrellas, purses and bags. Before buying, be sure to specify which models are not in the collection of the charming lady-calf to replenish it with another «fresh» specimen.
Cosmetics and perfumery. Here, your choice should be stopped only on high-quality products, which have good resistance. Also do not forget that the selection of fragrances for themselves female calves are fairly meticulous, avoiding too intense and «heavy» smells. Therefore, if you are not sure that the spirits or toilet water you choose will be liked by the one to whom they are addressed, it is better to buy something neutral: shower gels, body cream or handmade soap.

Practical gifts

Since female bodies are very rational and practical, they will gladly accept any presents concerning the arrangement and decor of the house. These include:

Good quality furniture. If you are ready to make a gift of this kind, you will have to shell out, as the bulls prefer furniture made of high-quality natural materials, made in a classical style. Although, most likely, everything necessary is already available in her house, so you can only present to the charming lady-teller some spectacular and non-trivial addition to the interior. It can be a stand for flowers, lamps or lamps with a stand of artificial or natural stone, a beautiful ceramic vase, etc.
Household appliances. Ironically, in this field of life female calves are treated without much fanaticism, the most modern and functional technical devices prefer manual labor. So, especially zealous with such gifts is not worth it. Although from a good food processor the girl-taurus will not refuse in any case.
Cars. Since these items belong to a technique with which calves do not particularly «make friends», in case of their purchase it is worthwhile to choose trusted, reliable brands that do not require special care and attention. Although, such gifts are, of course, a great rarity.

Romantic gifts

Female-calves are very romantic and quivering, appreciating attention and care. Therefore, any gift with a romantic overtones, they will accept with great delight. Therefore, they can also be given:

Flowers. Do not be banal and predictable, buying traditional roses and lilies. Do you want to surprise — give the girl born under the sign of Taurus, tender lilies of the valley and or snow-white lilacs (good, the period of her birth from April to May allows it) or a bouquet of bright, fragrant wildflowers. She will appreciate it.
Ornaments, costume jewelry, talismans. Despite their passion for everything beautiful, bulls to expensive jewelry are absolutely indifferent. It is easier to conquer them not at the price of a gift, but on its scale. For example, instead of one expensive necklace to present a set of good jewelry.
Tourist tours, trips to the theater, cinema, etc. Despite its activity and energy, women of this sign periodically need peace and seclusion. Therefore, they will be very pleased with the gift in the form of visiting the spa. As for trips to distant countries, they will be very skeptical about such a presentation, because because of their «earthly origin» people of this sign are very attached to the house.
In general, the congratulation of the beautiful Taurus female is not an easy task, as people of this sign are hard to surprise with anything original and extravagant. And too clearly to show their sense of humor in relation to them, too, is not worth it. Female-calves categorically do not take jokes at their own expense, as well as criticism and moralizing in their address. Although, in every pattern there are exceptions.

Sincerely wanting that your gift made the right impression, treat its selection carefully and responsibly. And then your efforts will necessarily pay off in full, and you will receive from his handing only positive emotions.

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