Gifts for a Virgo Woman

Gifts for Virgo

Picking a gift to a woman, you can be guided by different principles and arguments. For example, your own intuition or purely practical considerations. And you can use astrology as the «starting point» for choosing a gift, that is, the potential recipient of the presentation belongs to this or that sign of the Zodiac. And, by the way, this is the part of logic. After taking into account the nature of the character and taste preferences, it is much easier to decide what to give a woman to the Virgin, to please her and to give her pleasant emotions and pleasure.

Women-Virgo are very pedantic and practical, attentive to trifles and sensitive to comfort. Dreaming and flying in the clouds, they prefer «firm ground under their feet» and greatly value stability, reliability and success in everything. So it’s hard to surprise them with beautiful words and empty promises. A much greater impression on the woman of this sign can be made by concrete actions.

Usually the Virgin are good housewives, who relate to their home with love and trembling. So, even such a little romantic event, as cleaning for them is not a routine activity, but a pleasant pastime. However, sometimes they are too petty, sometimes boring. Among the positive qualities of the representatives of the earthly elements it is worth mentioning their constancy separately. They are faithful wives and good friends, on whom you can rely. Although excessive self-confidence and the desire to «teach everyone» in some cases make them «heavy-handed» interlocutors.

In general, here it is, a charming and strong woman, born under the sign of the Virgin. And in order to please her and surprise her on the day of her birth, she will have to spend a lot of effort, not forgetting that the «right» gift to the Virgin woman should be, besides its attractiveness and originality, quite useful and practical.

For life, for the family

If you want to please a beautiful lady, born under the patronage of Mercury, give her something of household appliances. For example:
Functional and modern multivark. With her help, she can easily feed the family, and she will still have time to put herself in order and chat with her friend.
Food processor. Another practical and useful thing that can be useful to any hostess.
Frying pan with reinforced bottom and function of uniform heating. Many women know firsthand how important it is to have a good, comfortable pan in your farm that you can «count on» in any case. Having presented her to the economic and hospitable Virgin, you will render her an invaluable service, and she will remember you many times with a kind word.
Iron with a steam generator. This wonderful gift will please any woman. After all, thanks to the power of this iron and the presence in it of the function of vertical ironing, even such a tedious and tiresome occupation, like ironing, will become easy and pleasant.
Humidifiers of air. The Virgo woman is very attentive to her health, so any things that contribute to its strengthening and maintaining the vitality she takes as a gift with great pleasure. Especially if it is something really original and cute, for example, an air humidifier.

For her, beloved

One of the characteristics of the representatives of the earthly elements born under the patronage of Mercury, you can call their bright, spectacular appearance, a woman Virgo retains its attractiveness and youth for many years. And it’s very simple: a woman Virgo loves and knows how to take care of herself. Therefore, very good gifts for her can be:

Creams for face and body. Well, if it is quality cosmetics, appropriate age of the recipient of the presentation, packed in beautifully designed boxes.
Decorative cosmetics. Since the Virgin prefers a rather restrained, moderate makeup, then tonal remedies, shadows, eyeliner pencils, then for them it is worth picking up pleasant natural shades as close as possible to the natural ones. Very well they will react and to the gifted lip gloss or blushes of beige or light brown tone.
Jewelery, jewelery, costume jewelery. If you still have not decided what to give the girl to the Virgin, buy her a good gold ring or earrings of small size, without extra frills and ornaments. Keep in mind that the stones are not very much in favor of the representatives of this sign, as well as too large, massive decorations in the manner of the Gypsies. A very good option is an elegant gold watch with a minimalistic design.
Flowers. Well, of course, before such a wonderful gift, no woman can stand, no matter how practical and rational it was. Especially if it is a potted plant that will please the «culprit of the triumph» for a long time. Or a classic bouquet of scarlet roses, symbolizing her femininity and charm.
Perfumery products. Want to please a woman and give her a pleasure? Then present it with a gift of good perfumes or toilet water, the main tone in which will be asked «cold» flavors, combined with shades of sandalwood, musk, mint, lemon and watermelon.

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